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  1. We received an order to be shipped to Guatemala, and FedEx Real Time Quotes returned an Express service shipping cost of $79.69. When our shipping department went to print out postage from FedEx online, the shipping cost was actually $135! There was no Saturday delivery, or any confusion over customs/tax costs, and the customer was not given our discount rate. We haven't had a problem with inaccurate FedEx quotes with any orders in the past, so I'm not sure if there's something special with Guatemala or what? Does anyone have any idea what happened here? I'm supposed to call FedEx to sort it out, but I can only imagine they'll tell me they can't help since it's a third party application accessing their system.
  2. mivox

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    My company got an order to ship to Guatemala, and FedEx returned a quote of $77 for Express service ... but when they brought the package to the FedEx office to ship it, the actual shipping charge was over $100! Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?
  3. Works like a charm! Only one other (customized) shipping module that needs to be tweaked, but that one only applies to a tiny percentage of our customers, so it's not too big a problem. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks a million! :D I'll give the max package weight thing a try... we already have a modified module installed that appears whenever an order is above a certain weight, so if I can just make the others disappear at that point, everything should work out fine.
  5. Is there any way to stop the UPS Choice module from splitting large items into multiple packages? If possible, I would like it to return the error message on any order over 70lbs... Our store sells a number of over-size and/or over-weight items, and I'm afraid it's just not possible to split a large solar panel or a laundry machine into multiple boxes. Not to mention, having a customer receive an (incorrect) $600 shipping quote on a 24 box shipment, when they're actually supposed to be paying (much less) for ground freight on a single large item tends to scare them away during checkout. Basically, I just need to know how to add a quick check at the beginning of the module that says, if weight >70, show the error, if weight <70, proceed with normal function... I'm going to try to tinker with it myself, but I'm afraid I've not got much idea how to do it.
  6. mivox

    UPS shipping package split

    I'm having the same problem... we ship a lot of large items, and I need some way to deactivate the UPS module if shipping weight is over a certain amount. If we're shipping a heavy laundry machine, we can't really split it into multiple packages! :huh: Can anyone help out here?
  7. Very strange problem... I've installed the MS2 Guest Account mod, and whenever anyone checks out through the "Quick Checkout" option it creates, the order notification email the customer receives (and the order data written to our database) is missing ALL the shipping & billing info... :blink: I went to test the problem, and after I filled out the 'create account' page, when I proceeded to the page to select a shipping method, the address I just entered was not there. The products being ordered are saved properly, and written to the database, etc., but all data entered by the customer after they click the "checkout" button is lost. I have a feeling this is a stupid typo on my part in one of the files I altered... if anyone could point me to the part of the script that handles passing the customer data to the checkout systems (and any ideas what might be causing this?!), I'd really appreciate it. :rolleyes:
  8. Very strange. I downloaded the shipping module again, edited the files *exactly the same* as the last ones, re-uploaded it to overwrite the old copies, and now it's working fine... No idea what happened there.
  9. The shipping module is the "State Based Rates" module. regions.php is the filename... if that's any help.
  10. It doesn't seem like these contributions should conflict at all... but I'm suddenly getting a shipping-related error message when I try to check out a test order. I already had the regions.php shipping module installed, and had tested it thoroughly. Today I added contezero's attribute option type mod, and Mike G's Attribute Manager mods. I fixed up the template bugs that caused, and went to place a test order... Now I get this error when I try to sign in to my account to check out AND when I try to access the admin interface for the shipping modules: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class regions in /usr/www/users/absak/catalog/includes/modules/shipping/regions.php on line 42 I have not edited the regions.php shipping module at all today, and I don't think I edited any files that directly interact with it... so I've no idea where the conflict might be. Any help?