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  1. I just installed this and I didn't get it to work. When I add a manufacturer I get an error, when I try to change the status of an order so it will send to the manufacturers i get an error. Since my site is not yet functional I have removed all passwords. feel free to do whatever you need to to diagnose. www.saturdaymarketplace.com/admin Here are my thoughts- I noticed that the instructions did say to add things to the application top to define stuff. What stuff needs to be defined or if it needs to be defined- I don't know. What I am doing- this site will be a place where I will have tons of products by different people who sell at the saturday market. Your manufacturer email thing is going to be super handy.. because if everything works right, I wont have to send out copies of the order to all the different manufacturers! -Chris
  2. AuraDev

    Alternative to Paypal modules..?

    Couldn't figure it out. Sorry guys.
  3. AuraDev

    Alternative to Paypal modules..?

    A client of mine called and wanted stormpay to be a payment option. Email me next week and ask if I am finished yet.