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  1. I have installed the contribution call for price V1.5 and modified the code to 999,999 for showing the "call for price" when the currency info box is set to US dollar, "call for price" can be shown in "New Product" page and What's New info box. for the goods. When i selected the Taiwan dollars, the "call for price" become real price. but this case is normal on prodict_info.php. How can i fix it?? thanks.
  2. Hi, Anyone has solution for this problem? thanks, Anita
  3. Anita

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Try to use POST for option of Return URL Behaviour in Admin>Module> Paypal I am not sure wheather work for you.
  4. Hi , :'( I have installed RMA return 2.4.1, i found that there is a bug existed on "Return Update" email. The Order ID number included in the Return Update received email is incorrect after updated the return status form Admin. I checked that the order ID number is replaced by Returns ID. Such as below update email received , the real Order ID should be 25 but not 3 , 3 is a return ID found in admin. Anyone has this problem? How to fix it? Thanks, Anita.
  5. So far is ok, nothing abnormal is found. anita.
  6. Hi, I just installed it for my Admin but i have not the SSL function on my Web site. If i changed the above code in the configure.php of admin and check the Review in Admin(Admin>Catalog>Reviews) ,i found that the picture which under the "Rating" column cannot be shown. Also if i click to continue to peview product, the product's picture also cannot be shown on reviews.php page. Because of it, i have not do any change in configure.php file. Is it OK? Thanks, Anita.
  7. Anita

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Hi Gregory, :) :lol: :P Once again thanks for your support. I changed my file according to your suggested modification, the order number appear on voucher queue. Thanks, :rolleyes: Anita
  8. Anita

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Well, Good idea, It is very suitable to my shop for wholesale as well. After my major problem is fixed, i will try it. Anita
  9. Anita

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Hi Gregory, :P Thanks for your reply. My problem is fixed. According to your provided configuration guide, the value of "Ruturn URL Behaviour" must set to 1 (=GET) in Admin>Module>Payment>Paypal. If i use this option (GET) , it will cause my below problem that the previous cart content cannnot be reset and will go back to "what's in my cart" page again with the message of "Your Shopping Cart is Empty" once i press the "confirm order" button. If i changed the option to 2 (POST), the problem is fixed. So, I don't know why i cannot use (GET) for the process in my shop. I have another problem that but i am not sure is it related/compatiable to IPN. If i buy a GV paid by Paypal IPN, i found that the " Order Number" is always equal to Zero on "Gift Voucher Release Queue" in Admin. I cannot confirm that the Order No. of GV can be sucessfully stored in GV_queue database if use IPN. While, if it is paid by other payment method is OK. Anyway, many thanks to your support. :P Rds, Anita
  10. Anita

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    I proved that the new version of IPN cart (3.1.X) cannot reset the pervious finsihed transcation product's content stored in shopping_cart.php if completed the transcation by paypal IPN. Even if you are logout and login the customer account again, all pervious products which paid by paypal are still stored in "what's in my cart" page. If you click the "update cart" button for removing the old products and continue the process to confirm order for the new one, as a result it will go back to "what's in my cart" page again with the message of "Your Shopping Cart is Empty" once you press the "confirm order" button. On the other hand for verify, if i first time paid for my selected product by "money/check" Order method , the first product cannot be found in cart content for second time process. It seemed to be only happened in paypal IPN only. If i fall back to IPN Cart 3.0a, whole the transcation process is OK. Rds, Anita. ******************************************************************
  11. Anita

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Hi , :'( I just upgraded the Paypal IPN cart from 3.0a to 3.1.2, but i found an abnormal behaviour during checkout. I tried to buy a product via PayPal IPN at first time successfully. If i continue to buy second product , after product selected , i found that not only the second product but also the pervious bought and paid product still show in my cart content. Thus, i click the box to remove the first pervious product and update the cart content again and then continue to confirm the order. After i press the confirm button, it will go back to "Cart Content" page but not go to PayPal and also the cart is "empty". I tested that once the "update cart" has pressed, such abnornmal behaviour will happen. Anyone have this problem? Thanks, :( Anita.
  12. Hi , I have upgraded the Paypal IPN to 3.1.2 and using together with CCGV 5.11. If i use Paypal for buying a Gift Voucher, i found that "Order No" is always show to "0" but not the real order number in Gift Voucher Release Queue of Admin. Any one have this problem and any idea to solve it? Thanks, Anita. :(
  13. Hi dust, Thanks for your reply, I have upgraded to V5.11 with IPN_cart V3.0a If i use Paypal IPN to buy a Gift Voucher, my Gift voucher balance has not been increased after completed the IPN transcation. My setting for Queue purchases is "False" in Order Total. I don't know why? supposing the Voucher Balance will auto increase after i bought it. If i set the Queue Purchase is "true", no release queue is found. Afterwards, i use "money/check order" method for the payment, the voucher balance also not increased after confirmed the order. I check the received order email without any redeen code. Is normal? i'am not sure. Can you tell me the procedure or process when i buy a Voucher in Product car? Many thanks, Anita.
  14. Anita

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    !!!Congratulation !!! :) :thumbsup: Anita.
  15. Anita

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Hi devosc, Thanks for your help. :) . I found that there are missing $langauge variable on line 37 in AcceptOrder.inc.php file. After corrected is OK :P $PayPal_osC_Order->setCheckoutProcessLanguageFile(DIR_FS_CATALOG_LANGUAGES . $PayPal_osC_Order->language . $language .'/' . 'checkout_process.php'); // line 37 Sorry devosc, I cannot get your meaning about it. But more information that if i removed the PayPal payment module and only available paid for cash on delivery, the GV release queue is exist. Otherwise, the release queue cound not be found if i turn on the PayPal module for payment. Is any message flag or indicator waiting from Paypal IPN side? :( Anita.