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  1. kghammond

    FEDEX Realtime Shipping Rates seem Very High

    I think I figured out my problem. I have the mandatory insurance set at anything over $100 and the item I was testing with had a $10,000 value, so I think the high rates was due to the insurance. It would be nice to have this broken out in a seperate line and make it optional. I think I will just add a header to the shipping section that states all items are quoted with mandatory insurance and to contact us if you want to order without shipping insurance.
  2. I just got FedEx realtime shipping rates installed. I am getting very high shipping rates via their API. For instance, I have a 5 lbs box and I setup an address across the city to a different zip code and it is returning $54.83 for shipping. Is there something I did wrong? Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this? Thank You, Kevin
  3. kghammond

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Thank You, For some reason when I ran the insitial SQL INSERT... It created the 'Maximum allowed offer percentage' with a conguration_group_id of 0 and a sort_order of 0. That is why it was not displaying. I changed it to configuration_group_id of 1. Thanks again, Kevin
  4. kghammond

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    I just installed Make an Offer 2.2. I followed all the instructions and when I go to the admin - configuration - Make An Offer, I basically get a blank page: It has the title "Make An Offer" and a header bar: "Title Value Action" Any tips on how I can troubleshoot what code is having problems? I checked the HTTP errorlog and no errors are being reported. Thank You, Kevin
  5. I have looked for any contributions that may do this and I can't find any. Has anyone already done this? Any tips or any modules that will do this? Thank You, Kevin
  6. kghammond

    WYSIWYG News: HtmlArea Discontinued!

    I tried SPAW editor, but it didn't work well with portable sites since we use a staging site and a production site. I didn't want to be worrying about hard coded links to SPAW, and I couldn't put SPAW in an alias... So I just gave up on it. I am sure I could make it work if I wanted to, but HTMLArea does everything I want, plus the contrib version works with both IE and FireFox. The version of SPAW in the contrib only works with IE, unless I was doing something wrong. Once again, just being too lazy to get the latest SPAW and try to figure out how the previous version was integrated, etc.. Thanks for the feedback though, we all have our favorites and for different reason. Kevin
  7. Has this been done before? We would like to utilize similar functionality to the all products contributions where when you select a category, it will display all items in that category and its sub categories similar to the all products contribution. Then if you select further into the sub categories, it will only list the subset of products in the sub-categories and its childeren. I have searched briefly for contributions and forum posts related to this, but I have not found anything yet. I have not installed any of the all product contributions yet as well. My guess is it will not be very difficult to modify the category box to do this but we would rather not reinvent the wheel if it has already been done. Thank You, Kevin
  8. kghammond

    WYSIWYG SPAW EDITOR Support Thread

    Well, I partially got SPAW working. It turns out that it seems it can not run from an alias folder for some reason. I moved it to the default /www/html/spaw and it worked great for the demo, but then it wouldn't work for my staging osc site. I assume this is because the staging osc site is in another alias. I suspect if I move spaw to the root of my staging site and then put a hard path to spaw in the config file, /staging/osCommerce/spaw, it would work, but then when I move it to production, I have to change the config file. This is a pain in the ass. I don't kow if it is SPAW or the contrib that is difficult. I have not entirely given up on SPAW, but I am going to test out HTMLArea v3 to see how that is...
  9. kghammond

    WYSIWYG SPAW EDITOR Support Thread

    I am trying to get SPAW running. I think my problem is with SPAW right now... I put spaw in a alias directory on the server so it resides at: http://www.domain.com:8082/spaw When I go to: http://www.domain.com:8082/spaw/scripts/demo.php I get the following Hi... this script shows various ways of using Solmetra SPAW web based WYSIWYG editor control. Below you will see various modes of the control and parameters that caused it to look like this. Note: in case you can't see the editors or get errors, it is most likely that you haven't configured the control properly. Check the documentation details. Pay attention that you can use multiple instances of the control on the same page and with completely different settings... pretty cool;) For more info on how to use the control check out the documentation or analyze this script (demo.php) and control's source. You can also try asking in SourceForge.net forums So it is apparent that spaw is not working. Here are the relevent server settings for spaw_control.config.php // directory where spaw files are located $spaw_dir = '/spaw/'; // base url for images $spaw_base_url = 'http://www.domain.com:8082/'; Anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
  10. kghammond

    WYSIWYG News: HtmlArea Discontinued!

    We are deciding on what HTML editor contrib to use right now. Do you have any opinions based on the current issues with HTMLArea v3? Should we stick with HTMLArea or go for a different contrib? Any suggestions?
  11. We are setting up a osc site from stock 2.2MS2. I am incorporating a HTML editor right now. HTMLArea v3.0 seemed like a great contrib for our needs since we are not using a template system and we are not worried about turning on and off HTML editing. It seems that support for HTMLArea v3.0 is virtually gone. Am I looking in the wrong places, or is there a better contrib based on the discontinuation of HTMLArea v3 and the lack os support for the contrib? Thank You, Kevin
  12. kghammond

    HTMLArea v3.0

    Is HTMLAREA unsupported??? If not, what forum link? This contrib looked promising, but many unanswered questions lately...
  13. Thank You, I did figure out that commenting out that line fixed my problem. It is nice to read your post confirming that what I did was appropriate. Thank You again, Kevin
  14. kghammond

    USPS Global Flat Rate w/out getting burned!

    This is a real problem!!! It would be cool if you could enable or diable shipping options per product. This could be done forcibly by the person adding the product to the catalog, or it could be done intelligently based on dimensions and weight of the product. The latter would be awesome where you could basically put the weight and dimensions of a product in your catalog and then it would intelligently figure out whether you could use various USPS boxes, FedEx boxes, etc!! I wish I was a better programmer and I would try to make this happen :) Kevin
  15. I just installed this contrib to a stock ocs 2.2MS2 and I get the following errors: PHP Warning: main(includes/languages/add_ccgvdc_english.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/staging/osCommerce/admin/includes/languages/english.php on line 330 PHP Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'includes/languages/add_ccgvdc_english.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear') in /var/www/staging/osCommerce/admin/includes/languages/english.php on line 330 There is no file: /var/www/staging/includes/languages/add_ccgvdc_english.php Do I need to get that file from somewhere, or do I need to fix: /var/www/staging/osCommerce/admin/includes/languages/english.php Thank You, Kevin