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  1. Pendar

    Authorize.net Gateway problem

    Bob, Yes I used to get that also. The customer would actually have a transaction in authorize.net however there would be that red bar at the top of my site. Change the code in authorize_direct.php to just authorize only. Also check in your setting with authorize you should no have any redirect pages listed and one direct connect page which is checkout_process.php. I changed it back to this way and I no longer get the error. I am working on a way so that you don?t have to go to authorize.net to capture the funds. I have not yet found where the bug is, however he can not hide forever. It is probably something simple and I am staring right at it, however so far it eludes me. Lates Pendar
  2. Pendar

    Authorize.net Gateway problem

    :D :D :D :D as you can tell i am kinda happy right now Hello all... for all of you haveing problems with the authorize.net module I just finished installing a contrubution that is on the os commerce site. It works 100 % wish paypal did... going to work on that next. However I digress... here is the module name Authorizenet ADC Direct Connection after completing the installation instructions and updateing your files it will be good to go. :thumbsup: lates and good tweeking to ya all
  3. Pendar

    Paypal Confusion

    actually after talking with paypal this feature is still there, however they have to click on the new user to get to the desired page. Pay Pal has assured me that they are working on the problem and will have it fixed asap... Hmmmm
  4. Pendar

    Paypal Confusion

    You can enable it in your pay pal profile. go to your profile and click on Website Payment Preferences. go down to PayPal Account Optional turn on and save done...
  5. Pendar

    Authorize.net Return error

    Does anyone know where to go to get the error code that aurthorize sends back if there is a problem. I have contacted them and they say that they are not even getting my strings sent to them. Any help please
  6. Pendar

    Paypal Confusion

    Had the sam issue, i contated paypal and they are working on the problem. If your customers clicks on new user button it will take them to a CC processor without an account. Sucks I know but it does work
  7. I have been haveing customers log in to the site make a purchase and pay with PayPal. However my paypal record shows a payment for item of my url. How do I get the shopping cart over to paypal to make a correlation between paypal payments and my site. The site also does not record the order so I have payments that I do not know what the customer orderd. Any help thanks
  8. Pendar

    Parse error with easy poulate

    Matti and Steve, Thanks for the 411 all good to go now. I will be back if i need to. This is awesome stuff here. again thanks. If i wanted to upload the fix to the file as a contrubution how do I do that?
  9. I finished adding the easy populate, and I removed it a couple of times after recieveing the following error when clicking on the easypopulate link in admin. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in /home/abitofit/public_html/catalog/admin/easypopulate.php on line 231 dose anyone have insites or thoughs about this?
  10. Pendar

    Auctions not refreshing

    if you go to http://stores.ebay.com/abitofitall4u you will see the auctions. Does this not support stores? What about fix price auction?
  11. I just finished installing the files as per the install.txt file. The auctions seem to working properly, however none of my current auctions show up. Even after refresh. I am going to try to reinstall it hopefully that fixes it. However i have my doubts that it will. HELP please