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  1. Great contributition that I nearly have have fully working. I'm using Discount Codes with Pay Pal and it seems to be processing all orders correctly but the orders are not being recorded in Number Used. Does anyone know what the problem may be as I have checked all suggestions I can find and everything seems in order? the Number Used are recorded fine if I use a different payment provider.
  2. Hello Has anybody out there managed to rewrite this contribution to get it to work with Barclays EPDQ payment module please?
  3. Hello I've just installed Discount Coupon Codes and it is all working fine apart from the email order confirmation, which does not show the discount because I have the EPDQ CPI payment module installed which uses epdq_cpi/callback.php instead of catalog/checkout_process.php. Does anyone how to update epdq_cpi/callback.php to get Discount Coupon Codes to work properly please?
  4. scribe1974

    Shop not seeing reslt of Barclays EPDQ transaction

    The version in Contributions is still ePDQ CPI Module v1.09, where is an updated version please?
  5. scribe1974

    New EPDQ problems since start of March

    Hello I switched over from ePDQ Payment Module to ePDQ CPI Module a year ago and since then all order have been coming through fine until the start of March 2009 when I started getting problems, mainly with confirmation emails not being sent from my shop even though money had been taken by EPDQ. With the old Payment Module this was usually caused by people not clicking the return to shop to complete order button, but this was supposed to have been solved by the CPI Module. Does anyone know why these problems have started up again?
  6. scribe1974

    Discount Per Item NOT Order Total

    Hi Satish, thank you for your reply. Do you know which contribution is most suitable?
  7. Hello. Does anyone know of a discount module that will let customers enter a code to obtain a discount off a specific item? I have been looking at all available discount contributions for something suitable but there all appear to apply a discount at the order total stage.
  8. Hello I apologize for posting this as I like to have a good go first but could some one advise me what would be the best discount contribution to use as I have been looking through them all day? I just want people to be able to enter discount codes they have seen in print adverts to get fixed discounts on the specific items. I'm working on an established site that has been customised a lot and is MS2, so I would prefer not to have to install a very complicated contribution that I do not need 99% of. I do not need gift vouchers and I do not want the discount on the basket total, just specific items. Please could I have some reconmendations for the simplest contribution that will work on MS2.
  9. scribe1974

    Urgent Help Needed with ePDQ Payments

    By interface I mean the epdq admin site provided by Barclays. I think that email you get is a confirmation coming directly from Barclays to say payment has been taken, not from your oscommerce store.
  10. scribe1974

    Urgent Help Needed with ePDQ Payments

    Hi, I think that is the epdq confirmation, you can switch it on and off in epdq interface. The oscom comfirmation will contain the order information. Either you don't have your shop set to send you a copy of the confirmation email or the process isn't completing fully.
  11. scribe1974

    Urgent Help Needed with ePDQ Payments

    Hello all. I just noticed that I have had an order processed in epdq from a guy that is registered in my oscom store but there is no record in the store of him ever placing or even trying to place an order with me. Has anyone else ever come across this?
  12. scribe1974

    Urgent Help Needed with ePDQ Payments

    Hello Joe I could realy do with the contribution working fully without the final button click as I am waiting for this before doing a big advertising push. Unfortunately my site is already up and running with orders coming through so I am not sure if I can be of much help to you for testing. Dave
  13. scribe1974

    Urgent Help Needed with ePDQ Payments

    Hello Joe I think the problem was that stuff was being appended to the URL from checkout_confirmation.php, something FF ignores but kills IE. This has forced me to switch on 'Force Cookie Use', something I didn't want to do as I presume this will stop people with cookies switched off from using the site. Interestingly I have since noticed that now if I have retun url set as http IE goes straight back to oscom without warnings but FF pops up warnings, where as if i have retun url set as https (shared certificate) IE pops up warnings but FF goes straight back to oscom. As IE is still the most commen i'm going with http for now but hope to avoid any warnings at some point. Thanks for your help, is the new EPDQ contribution still on course for this weekend?
  14. scribe1974

    Urgent Help Needed with ePDQ Payments

    Hello I still haven't managed to stop the warnings in explorer but for now my problem is that epdq in explorer has been giving the message: It is not possible to order from the store at this time. Please contact the merchant for further information. Error: Not a valid allowed URL yet everything works fine in firefox. I think I have put everything back to a couple of days ago when both browsers worked. Does anyone know of an explorer specific issue that could be causing this?
  15. scribe1974

    Urgent Help Needed with ePDQ Payments

    Hi Joe Thanks for your help. I've tried changing the refrances to checkout_success to point to an https location with out much luck. Why do barclays say that the oscommerce shop can not be on a secure server? It it likely that internet explorer requires all include files to be secure aswell? Dave