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  1. Trying to produce a better option than Products Attributes in Admin. ie: 1 main product with multiple sizes available but each with an individual product_id ? Please see example: http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=767 each size adds a individual product to cart Is there any contribution available to do this?
  2. Paulz

    Product not found

    Ive upgraded to latest: Ultimate_Seo_Urls_5_PRO_r205
  3. When i Enable SEO URLs 5, & select the product in product info i get: Product not found the Address bar shows the changed url ok but no product info, Ive checked all files over & over again without any errors? Any ideas what may be wrong?
  4. Paulz

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Ive got the same problem, any help with a solution Thanks
  5. My standard categories list the products in 3 columns with images etc & this looks good. I need a different category format that will list each product on a single line (just 1 column) without any images, just model number title price & small buy now button. This would be used to list complete manufacturers price lists. Possible 100 or 200 at a time, a good idea would be to have check boxes for multiple selection & a buy it now button. Any Suggestions appreciated
  6. Paulz

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Paypal Transaction ID recorded in database, Has anyone got a solution on how to do this: I want to record the Paypal Unique Transaction ID : 17 characters as example 23Q183171B041133K Regards Paul
  7. Paulz

    Country-State Selector

    Upgraded and still got the same problem with the Primary address,, Ive added a note for the customer to log out after editing there primary address. Has anyone else tested for this problem?
  8. Paulz

    Country-State Selector

    Thanks for your help Steve, Just tried this update, didnt make any difference ? The initial version I used was: country-state-selector_1_2_3_4_5_6_7.zip What do you recommend? Regards Paul
  9. Paulz

    Country-State Selector

    when a customer logs on my site displays product prices including tax but when they make any changes to the Primary Address, ie: address line 1 (say, house number to 47 instead of 7) and stays logged on, it changes the site prices to exclude tax instead of include tax? when the customer logs off and back on again its back to normal? Ive come to the conclusion this has something to do with the..Country-State Selector module. Please help !!
  10. Paulz

    Delete product with search

    Im still unsure on what other product tables to delete the unwanted items from, can anyone help on that. Ive added 'Delete from products_description' to the script, i dont think it looks right but it works ok! Id apreciate if someone could tidy the code. if ($action == "update_prices") { foreach($HTTP_POST_VARS['product_new_price'] as $id => $cancella) { echo "id: $id -> $cancella<br>"; mysql_query("DELETE FROM products WHERE products_id=$id"); mysql_query("DELETE FROM products_description WHERE products_id=$id"); $count++; }
  11. I had the problem of deleting a large number of discontinued products, as quick and simple as possible. Found this contribution: Delete product with search, http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...+product+search It allows a type of wild card search lists all matching products with check boxes enabling multiple deletion. However It only deletes from the products table.. I want it to delete from all the other product tables, one question though will any of the products tables effect the customer account_history_info.php for deleted products? Ive deleted items from the product table and the products_description table and they still appear OK in the customer account_history_info. Cannot find any feedback on this contribution in the forum, has anyone modified it or had any provlems. or could anyone help with modifying. p.s. Another advantage compared with similar contributions is it doesnt effect the categories and you dont have to search through the cats either!
  12. Paulz

    Country-State Selector

    Did anyone get a solution to the "Please select" as an option for states ? Regards Paul :huh:
  13. Paulz

    Register Globals Support

    Im currently reloading my site on a new server and Ive got the Register globals problem, My version of OSC is 2.2-MS1 will this contribution work with it. ? Anyone had any success with 2.2-MS1 or are there any alternative options? Thanks
  14. Paulz

    WorldPay has no Payment Zone option

    Fame at last, my first contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,882 :D
  15. Paulz

    WorldPay has no Payment Zone option

    Got it working I had this missing line: tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, use_function, set_function, date_added) values ('Payment Zone', 'MODULE_PAYMENT_WORLDPAY_ZONE', '0', 'If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone.', '6', '2', 'tep_get_zone_class_title', 'tep_cfg_pull_down_zone_classes(', now())"); Thanks