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  1. Qvomos

    Extended Product in page

    Thanks for the reply al3ks but I am afraid there is no such line on product_info.php As I said on my post I am still using an old version of oscommerce, 2.2ms2 - 060817 but thanks for trying to help. That gave me some ideas and I now understand how I have to go about creating a table with a code and associate it to a line in the css file. Thanks again!
  2. Hi folks, I decided to eliminate the right column on the product page in order to give better display but I am having problems trying to get the center content to extend over to where the right column was. This is on the product page only (product_info.php) Anyone has any ideas how I can overcome this? By the way, I am still using the old 2005 architecture and it works great, I have tons of stuff installed and everything a online digital store needs and rarely had any problems. Always grateful to Ponce and crew for such an amazing work. Thanks in advance James
  3. Qvomos

    PayPal IPN v2.3.3 error!

    "Unable to process payment. Please contact the merchant as the shipping address provided by the merchant is invalid, and the merchant has requested that your order must be shipped to that address." Fresh install on a newly just installed latest version osCommerce. I am selling digital downloads however. Can anyone tell me how to fix this as I have gone thru all settings possible as far as no shipping/no rates etc etc. Downloads also set to True. Thank you for any help