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  1. jay jay

    Article Manager v1.0

    I have this same problem. Anyone find a fix?
  2. jay jay

    submitting but not showing up

    It appears as though its not adding the orders_id or reviews_id to the corresponding tables. Anyone know what page could have caused this?
  3. I have a 2.2 cart with a few mods (master products, easyz fields, easy populate, gift/credit voucher) and when an order is placed it doesnt show the items on the success page to be notified about when updated. It sends the order email and puts it in the database but in the admin it doesn't show up. On the admin home it shows pending: 10 but when you go into the orders it shows nothing. Same with reviews... it shows how many on the front end and back end but doesn't actually show the review. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong?
  4. jay jay

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    Does anyone know how to get the extra fields as a drop-down on the search page? Say I have a extra field named size and on the search page I wanted a drop-down to be select size |- small |- medium |- large
  5. jay jay

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    One other thing I noticed and was wondering if someone could help me out. When I do a search for an item in the extra fields it is fine.. but if i search for a model number it shows the same items 3 times??
  6. jay jay

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    I would like to know how to get this to work as well :D
  7. Anyone know of a way to have a pop-up widow or just show the items being purchased with the idividual shipping prices for each on the checkout_shipping page?
  8. nevermind, figured it out ;)
  9. Would anyone know how to add each product id with products_ship_price = 0 or some number to the products_shipping table in mysql?
  10. Here is what I rigged up for my site. I am showing free shipping on items marked with "0" and not displaying anything for items with a price. If you want to show the price instead read my comment in the commented out line. I have no idea how to program so if it's sloppy code I appologize. put this code in product_info.php <?php $products_shipping_query = tep_db_query("select products_ship_price from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_SHIPPING . " where products_id = '" . (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] . "'");// hadir//phpmom.com ? ? ? ? ?$products_shipping = tep_db_fetch_array($products_shipping_query);//phpmom.com ? ? ? ? ?$products_array[] = array('id' => $products_id, ? ? ? ? ?'products_ship_price' => $products_shipping['products_ship_price']); ? ? ? ? ?$products_ship = $products_shipping['products_ship_price']; ? ? ? ? ?if ( $products_ship == 0 ) { ? ? ? ? ?$products_ship = 'Free Shipping'; ? ?}else{ ? ? ? ? ?$products_ship = ""; ? ?//Show price instead and comment the line above out// $products_ship = "Shipping: $" .$products_shipping['products_ship_price']."\n"; ? ? ? ? ? ? ?} ?><br><? echo $products_ship;?> below <?php echo $products_price; ?>
  11. Some of the code in shoping_cart.php was messed up.
  12. Nevermind, figured it out :D
  13. I had everything working on my staging server but now on my live site when I checkout on the shipping page it only shows "This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order." with no options below it. I'm using all of the same files that were on my staging server??? I'm lost :(, any help would be appreciated. BTW, thank you for the great contribution.