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  1. Found a workaround for it. I changed in the default font size in the WYSIWYG HTML manager section from 12 to 14. It now will save my font size changes in the html. But changing the default font size to anything less then 14 will cotinue the problem though. That is the default size will not be saved in the html. This bug actually developed later as I didn't have the problem at first. This is VERY strange and I can't figure out what is causing it. All I can imagine is that there is some class settings in the stylesheet that is conflicting with the settings in the editor. Any comments or other users who experienced this problem feel free to reply. I love WYSIWYG HTML but this was very irritating.
  2. There is a bug in the WYSIWYG HTML Editor. Whenever I try to set the font size to 3 it doesn't save it into the html resulting in the smallest size text for that font style. Setting it to any other size works fine, just the 3 size which is 12pt does not save it in the html. This mean I have to manually enter the size=3 in the html. Also I noticed the default is set to Times New Roman. When typing in text in the editor without changing or resetting the text font or size when saving it it will output on the resulting page an arial style font that looks to be about 10pt. If you change only the font style in the editor it will only save the font style but not the font size if ot changed from 3 to any other size like 1,2,4,5 etc (again resulting in very small text on the page). I find this to be very strange behavior and usually results with me simply not using it and using something like Frontpage to create my html and then simply copying and pasting the html in the view html screen in WYSIWYG. Does anyone know how to fix this bug and why the editor cannot write size=3 into the html when using the editor?
  3. I solved my own problem. When I had originally installed this contrib I had altered the code from a patch someone posted on the forum. I usually look in advance to much. So simply I FTD'd the original Maxdvd version php file and now it works like a charm. Only I do find that gif files won't enlarge very much with the keep aspect ratio box checked. When unchecked can enlarge to custom size. Jpg can be resized larger or smaller with aspect ratio checked or unchecked. With it checked you only enter a number in either width or height and will automatically resize the other to keep the aspect ratio of the pic the same. I am very happy with this contrib and look forward to using it for years to come.
  4. Just a recommendation to people installing this package for the first time. Don't use this code above as a fix. The original code that comes with the package works already. I had originally modified the original php file during my first installation of this contrib with this code above thinking it was a legit patch fix for some problem with it and my resize never worked at all. I finally remembered what I did then I uploaded the original php file from the package from maxdvd without this code change and now my files can be resized. At least the jpegs. Gif's don't resize correctly but I only needed it for jpeg anyway.
  5. I noticed the custom resize option when uploading a pic doesn't work. I have created the NETPBM in the catalog directory with a CHMOD of 755 along with the NETPBM files (netpbm gallery 1.4 pl2 linux). Everytime I try to upload a pic into my images folder with a specific size (say 50 x 50) after I upload it says file uploaded at x . Then I check via FTP and there is the file but at 0 bits. I have seen other posts about this problem. I was wondering if anybody has ever got this resize option to work. I would imagine the contrib is ot configured correctly to use the right NETPBM files. But I'm not too sure about it. I installed the complete package with the html editor, ultrapics, define mainpage, infopages unl, easy pop add-on, jpsy upload tool. Any help would be appreciated. Btw, great contrib!
  6. I installed this great contribution. It does everything it says with the exception of editing product categories. Here on it's download page it says under the OTHER USES section that it edit html for category descriptions. Does anyone know if the feature really works or how to enable it in config? Maybe I'm overlooking something. It would be great to add my own html and pics to the category pages. Thank you.