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  1. hello all i have updated the zonesworld contrib for osc2.2 ms2 It support now some new features - tax rate by shipping zone - shipping fees by weight / price / boxes last version is 2.2.2 in contrib section,920 please report bug. if everything is ok i will try to work for ms3 version elari
  2. this is designed like my other contrib for osc jan 02 prior ms1 i think this is not working with ms2... i'm just going to have some time soon to rework my osc shop and will adpat for ms2. if ms3 is not out before i begin to work :)
  3. hello vp if you have nothing displayed in any page, i think the mistake come from the admin. you have to check the qty breakout and/or breakout operator i will try to take a tour on your page, but ftp seems not ok and i will also need your admin password. create an other htaccess and send me login/pass :)
  4. on which version of osc are you running this prob ? i have not made it working for ms1 but only older snap (jusb before ms1) most time in my code i keep some // echo for debugging uncomment them and look what happen..... or send me pm with an acces to your shop and i will try to take a look there .
  5. customers status is in localisation like for orders_status you can also call it direclty from your your.www//your.admin/customers_status.php if you don't have the link in admin, maybe you din't add the link in the box ... for the right click, there is a javascript like with a comment in the dafault.php and other page should i write it an easiest or more clear way ???
  6. each module display price like catalog/includes/module/product_listing.php ********************/new_pro.. ********************/prod_new (check the exact name..) but if you have no discount shown in all modules, it mean variables are not ok so maybe you missed to add to retrieve some field in queries, somethink like max_discount_allowed not properly setup and then all product have only max 0% discount..... good luck
  7. tomcat you can also include the debug contrib that will let you see var in a dhtml box or echo values in modules files (whats_new...) or uncomment some debug echo i kept in my files that will help to see where are mistake
  8. hello tomcat i have checked yesterday your page and logged in to make some change in default and footer as i told you most of the problem you have are some missing ) or } and i can not spent many time to check these problems for you. sorry you have to check & recheck. other prob is that you use ian loaded 5 and i have not tried the loaded snapshot, so i have no idea of your problem without spending too many time
  9. to delphian which osc version ? with cs version ? i have looked demo page but no price shown
  10. to ddesatnik concerning DOS_Payment just do not add the unknow field that are not in the table compare with field used in your original included file and keep the original line select orders_status_id, orders_status_name i think only this is for Dos_payment ********************************************* , orders_status_need_conf, orders_status_need_conf_id, orders_status_final ********************************************* from orders_status where language_id = '1' when i make change for one specific contrib , you have a comment before stating for which contrib it is. if i missed it..... sorry :) i would change it later
  11. maybe some info like a web page to see that problem should be needed in your request
  12. nether see such a prob no error message ? check customer_status.php and modify the query where data are inserted to see what happens (echo the query ?) when you have added a status, can you edit it and change the value ? check you table, maybe a typo mistake in a name of table customers_status .... pm me an access where to see that
  13. entering -10% means you add a negative 10% discount = adding 10% :) mobile.php is used for mobile logo/song box not needed for cs rsltoplist.htm same read again install and understand what you do when it concern cstatus it is clearly indicated just before the change i make again, again & again cs3.x is not intended for ms1 for instance and i will make no dev until end april (i hope)
  14. lol c'est d?j? en francais it's already in french.
  15. ok i have added english language taht was missing :( and screenshot are here