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  1. For a standard 2.3.4 osCommerce installation, which Ultimate SEO Add-on would work better, with the least number of file changes? Ultimate SEO URLs - https://apps.oscommerce.com/36rDo OR Ultimate Seo Urls 5 for Responsive Oscom - https://apps.oscommerce.com/Hj4y0 Your thoughts, experiences, and insights would be greatly appreciated!
  2. We use PayPal Standard version and were able to modify the "catalog/includes/apps/paypal/languages/english/modules/PS/PS.php" file just fine. Like you indicated we changed the module_ps_public_title variable to our own version and it worked perfectly.
  3. In the new PayPall App (v.5.018) - Payments Standard - tab/option, in the settings area, under Preparing Order Status ("Set this to the order status level that customer prepared orders are assigned to.") we can select: Preparing [PayPal Standard] -or- Preparing [PayPal IPN] Which one is the best one to select? What is the difference between them? Also, in the General tab, under the Transactions Order Status (" Set this to the private order status level where transaction information should be stored.") we can select: PayPal [Transactions] -or- Preparing [PayPal Standard] Which one is the best one to select? What is the difference between them?
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    Country-State Selector

    Yes, only the Order Confirmation email, which, once PayPal App is installed, is sent by the paypal_standard.php file.
  5. ezfindit

    Country-State Selector

    Rainer, I have one more question you might be able to help with. In v. 2.2 when an order was placed the State information showed up as the 2 letters abbreviation (CA, NY, etc.) in the order confirmation email (for Delivery and Billing Addresses). In v. 2.3.4 it shows up spelled out fully (California, New York, etc.). I've been looking around to change it back to displaying the 2 letter abbreviation and cannot figure it out. Any ideas where/how I can make the change?
  6. ezfindit

    Country-State Selector

    Thank you for the help! Will install and try it out. Thank you also for the quick reply, much appreciated!
  7. ezfindit

    Country-State Selector

    Which State Selector Add-on works with osCommerce 2.3.4? I haven't yet migrated to BS.
  8. Thank you! I looked everywhere trying to fix the description also. FYI - I cannot stand how PayPal has re-designed (ugly font choices, poor layout, wasted space, etc.) and re-organized the admin interface in the orders.php file. It SUCKS! They should have left the interface alone and only added the PayPal tab. Instead they messed it up so now it takes us 2-3 more extra clicks to view order information that was all visible in one screen in the osCommerce interface. We're redesigning that whole interface now to fix the idiocy PayPal created! Thanks again Rainer!
  9. Figured out the missing confirmation emails issue! The PayPal App = v5.018 I updated to, does NOT work properly with osCommerce 2.3.4! Uninstalled v5.018 and did a fresh install of PayPal App v5.010, and activated Payments Standard. Updated the PDT token and it worked PERFECTLY!!! Thank you BrockleyJohn for the help with the PDT token needed for the Sandbox testing also. You were a great help!!! Anyone using osComm v. 2.3.4 please DO NOT update PayPal App v5.018!
  10. Order cycle worked with the new Test Account and Test PDT token. Returned back to site with empty Shopping Cart showing. No errors in PayPal. Thank you, Thank you!!! You were right, it was not PayPal App v5.018 that was the issue. However, now have other issues: (1) Test Customer not getting the order notification email. (2) Not getting the 2nd order notification email (SEND_EXTRA_ORDER_EMAILS_TO) to 2nd email account. (3) Order status history shows "Preparing [PayPal Standard]", but customer is not notified (used to say Processing with green checkmark).
  11. Oh, created a new test Business account and was able to login to https://www.sandbox.paypal.com. Woo Hoo! Found the Website preferences (under My Selling Tools)! Reconfiguring and reupdating the information and will run another test.
  12. Oh, ok. Thanks! Can I reuse the same email address or use a different one? I also came across this information on the PayPal site: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/lifecycle/sb_about-accounts/ You can create additional sandbox accounts on the developer site or directly on the sandbox site, https://www.sandbox.paypal.com
  13. I changed the password for the Sandbox (BUSINESS) test account (in Profile area) and tried to login to https://www.sandbox.paypal.com using the test email but it's not recognizing it.
  14. I'm somewhat confused. How is https://developer.paypal.com/developer/accounts/ (where I created test accounts) related to https://www.sandbox.paypal.com (which won't allow me to login)?
  15. Weird! I created the Sandbox account at https://developer.paypal.com/developer/accounts/ never used the https://www.sandbox.paypal.com Now I'm trying to log in to the https://www.sandbox.paypal.com and cannot. It's asking me to verify, but showing phone numbers that are not mine. This is crazy!
  16. I re-installed the PayPal App (v5.010) and reactivated Payments Standards. Still getting the getting the "Could not verify the PayPal transaction. Please try again." It does not return to the correct checkout_process.php page, but goes back to the Shopping Cart and it shows the items still in it. Still getting the _notify-synch Fail (420 code). BUT, The payment does go through. I'm also seeing 3x of these entries in my Test Order status now (before I was only seeing 1x entry): Status: Preparing [PayPal Standard] Comments: Transaction ID: 4DT93903CU839863K Payer Status: unverified Address Status: Confirmed Payment Status: Completed Payment Type: instant Pending Reason: None
  17. FYI, Where do I enter a ticket to ask for PayPal help? The normal Support line?
  18. I have the correct Sandbox credentials. (FYI, there's no PDT in Sandbox, only NVP/SOAP Sandbox API Credentials.) Will consider contacting PayPal, once I reset to previous version of PayPal App to reduce number of possible causes.
  19. I ran the Test Connection and it passed! cURL Version: 7.19.7 cURL SSL Version: NSS/3.27.1 Default Setting: Success TLS v1.2: Success Here's what's weird, I get this in the Log: _notify-synch = fails! Request cmd _notify-synch GET osCsid 85cc4e1c8e7c7935a8cbcaa92c218e3e GET amt 64.94 GET cc USD GET cm 2669 GET st Completed GET tx 52118739SU830502V Response FAIL Error 4020 BUT, the IPN processes! _notify-validate [IPN] = works! Request mc_gross 64.94 invoice 3791 protection_eligibility Eligible address_status confirmed item_number1 payer_id ENUFAAPFBX9LL tax 0.00 address_street 333 Peach Rd payment_date 14:38:51 Jul 17, 2018 PDT payment_status Completed charset windows-1252 address_zip 11106 mc_shipping 16.95 first_name FirstTest mc_fee 2.18 address_country_code US address_name FirstTest LastTest notify_version 3.9 custom 2669 payer_status unverified business (I deleted it for security) address_country United States num_cart_items 1 address_city Astoria verify_sign (I deleted the key for security) payer_email (I deleted it for security) mc_shipping1 16.95 txn_id 52118739SU830502V payment_type instant last_name LastTest address_state NY item_name1 Freighter KOKI 200 with Containers UT11C - Kato 8042 receiver_email (I deleted it for security) payment_fee 2.18 quantity1 1 receiver_id C9QYB9YRN6P3Y txn_type cart mc_gross_1 64.94 mc_currency USD residence_country US test_ipn 1 receipt_id 3435-6574-7261-1249 transaction_subject payment_gross 64.94 ipn_track_id 2d17dc75a9861 Response VERIFIED
  20. I had PayPal App v5.010 configured and working perfectly. Then, like an idiot, I upgraded to v5.018. Now it's broken as others have experienced. Ran multiple tests in Sandbox and now I'm also getting the dreaded "Could not verify the PayPal transaction. Please try again." It does not return to the correct checkout_process.php page, but goes back to the Shopping Cart and it shows the items still in it. The Sandbox account shows the payment coming through, but the osCom status updates look different. Now I also don't get: (1) the order confirmation email or (2) the PayPal payment confirmation email. Looked at the log and I'm now seeing errors with _notify-synch which didn't happen previously. This SUCKS!
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    paypal standard 3.2 product quantity

    Return URL needs to be: checkout_process.php per the new PayPal App settings.
  22. ezfindit

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I've successfully used the PayPal IPN Module v1.0 for my old 2.2-MS2 site for 12+ years! In all that time I've never had a problem, so I'm curious if the latest version (which one?) will osCommerce 2.3.4 standard? Which latest full version is most stable? Will it run in PHP 5.6? https://apps.oscommerce.com/MfJlW
  23. ezfindit

    New Payflow requirement: TLS 1.2 & HTTP/1.1

    Good news!
  24. I'm trying to do this in stages. I'm migrating from 2.2-MS2 to 2.3.4 and want to reduce the number of changes. With the 6/30/2017 PayPal Security deadline looming over me, I have to get 2.3.4 operational or I can't process orders. Since I'm more comfortable with using tables I'm going to 2.3.4 standard first and then move to bootstrap responsive when I have more time.