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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was able to convert my existing osCommerce v. 2.3.4 using the Responsive files and advice from here:

    It's working almost perfectly, EXCEPT for the pesky Left Column that refuses to align to the left:


    Any thoughts or ideas that may help?  I would greatly appreciate it.

    Another poster was able to do this and it's working great on their site:

  2. 1 hour ago, rebelsheep said:

    I'm trying to do the same thing - get rid of the "(including Credit and Debit Cards)" after PayPal in the checkout_payment.php page.

    I am using the PayPal Standard version, so I edited includes\apps\paypal\english\modules\PS\PS.php and changed module_ps_public_title = PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards) to just = PayPal.

    The payment page still says "PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards)".

    We use PayPal Standard version and were able to modify the "catalog/includes/apps/paypal/languages/english/modules/PS/PS.php" file just fine.  Like you indicated we changed the module_ps_public_title variable to our own version and it worked perfectly.

  3. 13 minutes ago, raiwa said:

    I would say this was done as a customization, if I remember well the full name was always used in a standard store, but I can be wrong.

    Anyway, have a look in the database table "zones" and you'll see that there is the full name stored in the column "zone_name" and the abreviation in the column " zone_code".

    So you just have to search in create_account.php and the other files where the state name is used for "zone_name" and replace it by "zone_code".

    If you know a bit sql you could retrieve the zone_code as zone_name in the sql queries to avoid modifying other code.

    Should be something like "zone_code as zone_name"


  4. Rainer,

    I have one more question you might be able to help with. 

    In v. 2.2 when an order was placed the State information showed up as the 2 letters abbreviation (CA, NY, etc.) in the order confirmation email (for Delivery and Billing Addresses).  In v. 2.3.4 it shows up spelled out fully (California, New York, etc.).  I've been looking around to change it back to displaying the 2 letter abbreviation and cannot figure it out.  Any ideas where/how I can make the change?

  5. On 6/28/2017 at 8:01 AM, raiwa said:

    Hello Jeff @OldBuickParts,

    Supposed you are using PayPal App and you are referring to the express checkout module, it's here:


    line 3: module_ec_public_title = PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards) 



    Thank you!  I looked everywhere trying to fix the description also.

    FYI - I cannot stand how PayPal has re-designed (ugly font choices, poor layout, wasted space, etc.) and re-organized the admin interface in the orders.php file.  It SUCKS!  They should have left the interface alone and only added the PayPal tab.  Instead they messed it up so now it takes us 2-3 more extra clicks to view order information that was all visible in one screen in the osCommerce interface.  We're redesigning that whole interface now to fix the idiocy PayPal created!

    Thanks again Rainer!

  6. Figured out the missing confirmation emails issue!  The PayPal App = v5.018  I updated to, does NOT work properly with osCommerce 2.3.4!   

    Uninstalled v5.018 and did a fresh install of PayPal App v5.010, and activated Payments Standard.  Updated the PDT token and it worked PERFECTLY!!!  

    Thank you BrockleyJohn for the help with the PDT token needed for the Sandbox testing also.  You were a great help!!!  

    Anyone using osComm v. 2.3.4 please DO NOT update PayPal App v5.018!

  7. Order cycle worked with the new Test Account and Test PDT token.  Returned back to site with empty Shopping Cart showing.  No errors in PayPal.

    Thank you, Thank you!!!  You were right, it was not PayPal App v5.018 that was the issue.

    However, now have other issues:

    (1) Test Customer not getting the order notification email.

    (2) Not getting the 2nd order notification email (SEND_EXTRA_ORDER_EMAILS_TO) to 2nd email account.

    (3) Order status history shows "Preparing [PayPal Standard]", but customer is not notified (used to say Processing with green checkmark).


  8. I re-installed the PayPal App (v5.010) and reactivated Payments Standards.  Still getting the getting the "Could not verify the PayPal transaction. Please try again."  It does not return to the correct checkout_process.php page, but goes back to the Shopping Cart and it shows the items still in it.

    Still getting the _notify-synch  Fail (420 code).


    The payment does go through. I'm also seeing 3x of these entries in my Test Order status now (before I was only seeing 1x entry):

    Preparing [PayPal Standard]

    Transaction ID: 4DT93903CU839863K
    Payer Status: unverified
    Address Status: Confirmed
    Payment Status: Completed
    Payment Type: instant
    Pending Reason: None


  9. I ran the Test Connection and it passed!

    cURL Version: 7.19.7
    cURL SSL Version: NSS/3.27.1

    Default Setting: Success
    TLS v1.2: Success

    Here's what's weird, I get this in the Log:
    _notify-synch = fails!

    cmd     _notify-synch
    GET osCsid     85cc4e1c8e7c7935a8cbcaa92c218e3e
    GET amt     64.94
    GET cc     USD
    GET cm     2669
    GET st     Completed
    GET tx     52118739SU830502V
    Error     4020

    BUT, the IPN processes!

    _notify-validate [IPN]  = works!
    mc_gross     64.94
    invoice     3791
    protection_eligibility     Eligible
    address_status     confirmed
    payer_id     ENUFAAPFBX9LL
    tax     0.00
    address_street     333 Peach Rd
    payment_date     14:38:51 Jul 17, 2018 PDT
    payment_status     Completed
    charset     windows-1252
    address_zip     11106
    mc_shipping     16.95
    first_name     FirstTest
    mc_fee     2.18
    address_country_code     US
    address_name     FirstTest LastTest
    notify_version     3.9
    custom     2669
    payer_status     unverified
    business    (I deleted it for security)
    address_country     United States
    num_cart_items     1
    address_city     Astoria
    verify_sign     (I deleted the key for security)
    payer_email     (I deleted it for security)
    mc_shipping1     16.95
    txn_id     52118739SU830502V
    payment_type     instant
    last_name     LastTest
    address_state     NY
    item_name1     Freighter KOKI 200 with Containers UT11C - Kato 8042
    receiver_email     (I deleted it for security)
    payment_fee     2.18
    quantity1     1
    receiver_id     C9QYB9YRN6P3Y
    txn_type     cart
    mc_gross_1     64.94
    mc_currency     USD
    residence_country     US
    test_ipn     1
    receipt_id     3435-6574-7261-1249
    payment_gross     64.94
    ipn_track_id     2d17dc75a9861


  10. I had PayPal App v5.010 configured and working perfectly.  Then, like an idiot, I upgraded to v5.018.  Now it's broken as others have experienced.

    Ran multiple tests in Sandbox and now I'm also getting the dreaded "Could not verify the PayPal transaction. Please try again."  It does not return to the correct checkout_process.php page, but goes back to the Shopping Cart and it shows the items still in it. 

    The Sandbox account shows the payment coming through, but the osCom status updates look different.

    Now I also don't get: (1) the order confirmation email or (2) the PayPal payment confirmation email. 

    Looked at the log and I'm now seeing errors with _notify-synch which didn't happen previously.

    This SUCKS!

  11. In the new PayPall App (v.5.018) - Payments Standard - tab/option, in the settings area, under Preparing Order Status ("Set this to the order status level that customer prepared orders are assigned to.") we can select:

    Preparing [PayPal Standard] 


    Preparing [PayPal IPN]

    Which one is the best one to select?  What is the difference between them?


    Also, in the General tab, under the Transactions Order Status (" Set this to the private order status level where transaction information should be stored.") we can select:

    PayPal [Transactions] 


    Preparing [PayPal Standard] 

    Which one is the best one to select?  What is the difference between them?

  12. On 11/30/2015 at 1:30 PM, burt said:

    Mike install the Paypal App -> Paypal Standard (best for testing in my opinion); http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9184


    After installation, ensure;


    1. API is set up at Paypal and entered correctly on the paypals module page in admin

    2. PDT is turned on (at Paypal), and the PDT token is entered on the paypals module page in admin

    3. Return URL is set to the checkout_success.php page of your site.


    This configuration ensures that both Desktop and Mobile can use the Paypal system.

    Return URL needs to be: checkout_process.php per the new PayPal App settings.