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  1. ezfindit

    Fake accounts

    The check the fax variable length idea was great! I implemented it also and haven't seen any new spam user accounts since. Thanks!
  2. Would it be possible to identify which PHP files were changed so at least I'll compare a sub-set of them, versus comparing all of them?
  3. Thanks for sharing. I thought there was a list of which specific files needed to be updated and what coding changes you made.
  4. Ashley, Could you message me the file set for v.2.3.4 updates that will allow it to run on PHP v.7.4? I would like to have a go at updating my customized 2.3.4 shop using my testing environment. - Chris
  5. Moving to won't solve the PHP v. 7+ compatibility issues. See: https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/496977-install-oscommerce-2341-new-installation/ "v2.3.4.1 was written to run under PHP v5.x, and will give you problems when running under PHP v7.x. "
  6. I've seen a few threads mentioning some changes to make v. 2.3.4 be compatible with PHP v. 7.4. Is there a consolidated thread or step-by-step documentation on how to make osCom 2.3.4 run on PHP 7.4? It would help thousands of us, I think, and buy us time to explore and test the latest upcoming version being promised.
  7. Hi everyone, Does anyone currently use a hosting company that allows you to keep using PHP v. 5.6 for at least another year? My hosting company is forcing me to upgrade to PHP 7.4 in June. I'm using osCommerce v. 2.3.4 on a live site. I would like to keep using PHP 5.6 for the next 9-12 months to allow me to test v. 4 when it's released and then give me sufficient time to migrate and test my current live site. Any hosting recommendations or alternative hosting plans (looking at VPS) to keep using PHP v. 5.6 will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, - Chris
  8. ezfindit

    New management and osCommerce v4

    So glad this will be included! Thanks!!!
  9. ezfindit

    New management and osCommerce v4

    I absolutely agree! Please keep the code base clean, well-documented, and as modular as possible! Also, if version 4 can mimic the WordPress model for add-ons and updates, it would be a great improvement for thousands of businesses who cannot manually upgrade versions!
  10. We use PayPal Standard version and were able to modify the "catalog/includes/apps/paypal/languages/english/modules/PS/PS.php" file just fine. Like you indicated we changed the module_ps_public_title variable to our own version and it worked perfectly.
  11. ezfindit

    Country-State Selector

    Yes, only the Order Confirmation email, which, once PayPal App is installed, is sent by the paypal_standard.php file.
  12. ezfindit

    Country-State Selector

    Rainer, I have one more question you might be able to help with. In v. 2.2 when an order was placed the State information showed up as the 2 letters abbreviation (CA, NY, etc.) in the order confirmation email (for Delivery and Billing Addresses). In v. 2.3.4 it shows up spelled out fully (California, New York, etc.). I've been looking around to change it back to displaying the 2 letter abbreviation and cannot figure it out. Any ideas where/how I can make the change?
  13. ezfindit

    Country-State Selector

    Thank you for the help! Will install and try it out. Thank you also for the quick reply, much appreciated!