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  1. Gidgidonihah

    Google Analytics module

    Just a little error I noticed. I haven't had time to test it much and/or fix the error, but I did a quick purchase on my site with css disable to see what the form it was submitting on the 'Thank You' page looked like and to make sure everything was correct. I don't know if this has something to do with the will call contrib that I have (if the shipping address is in-state you can opt for will-call), but when I changed my address to the secondary address to enable will-call, on the 'Thank You' page the form was filled out with the primary address. Obviously that was not the address I had chosen as my ship-to. Just thought I would report that here in case anybody wants to check that out.
  2. Hey homewetbar, I know what you mean by having a highly modified site. That's why I haven't gotten my update done yet. But what I do is obviously have a test server on my computer on which i do the coding. And there I have 2 installations of oscommerce. One that mirrors my running site, and one that I keep as a fresh install to test stuff out. Just an idea.
  3. Good job on that. I have been planning on creating an update (i have it working on my site, but haven't got it in such a way i can upload as a contrib) that did that with the s. Not the major feature of my addition though. That will be a google type spelling suggestion. Actually done by google. If no results were found, it connects to google via a soap connection and asks for spelling suggestions for the searched word and returns a link to search for the replacement if there is one. Unfortunately before I changed it all I decided I wasn't going to need the admin part of it since it was automatic. I was wrong. There are still instances where I need to set up my own suggestions. So as soon as I get some time to put that back in and update it so it can be uploaded as a contrib, I will. I Also, your todo list doesn't seem to be too difficult, so if I get some time I will try to do those as well. Problem being... Time. I have none that I don't spend actually getting paid or recreationally. Hopefully soon tho....
  4. I second that call for someone to update this contrib to the new release of osc. I was in the process of updating it and came across that part. I could probably hack my way through, but i'd probably end up just screwing up my store so I'm just going to hope someone else can figure it out. Let us know when you've got it!
  5. Gidgidonihah

    Customer Specific Payment Options

    Okay yeah, that might helped me out, thanks. I just realized what a freaking moron I am. I forgot to make $customer_id a global which is why I couldn't use it in the constructor. Thanks for your help.
  6. I wrote my own hack that only allows the COD payment module to be shown for a customer if it is turned on for that specific customer in the admin. The problem with this is that I have to pass the customer id number to the constructor of the payment class and in doing so for some reason the cc payment module will now accept ANYTHING as a valid credit card number. I really have no idea what would cause this or where to start so any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I searched around a bit for the answer to my problem, but wasn't able to find it. Here is what it is. I have an item with text boxes and a text area. I fill them out and add it to the cart. Then I click on the item becuase I want to change what it says in the textarea. The link takes me back to the item with all the attributes correctly filled in EXCEPT for the textarea. The textboxes work fine, but the textarea doesn't have anything in it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Gidgidonihah

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Woah, ok. I turned off force cookie usage because of a seperate problem that I'm having with my SSL (with ssl and force cookie usage on it sends me to the cookie usage page) and now it shows my user agent. I haven't seen it with a bot on the site yet, but i assume that if it shows MY user agent, it will show the user agent of the bot. How can we fix this so we can have force cookie usage on AND have the user agent work?
  9. Gidgidonihah

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Yes, I do. How does that affect it?
  10. Gidgidonihah

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    OK the last url works, but bots are still not showing up. Here is a profile view while the googlebot was visiting my site like you asked.
  11. Gidgidonihah

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Ed, I checked out what you suggested and realized that i had failed to do both :blush: After making those changes the referer url is now being recognized, however both the user agent and last url remain blank. I haven't had a bot on yet, but i'll post back when I do. The way that I know it is a bot is that I lookup the ip and it comes back to google inc or microsoft or inktomi. As for the ip address, i worded it wrong. I know it doesn't associate a ip address with the bot, but what i was saying is that it wouldn't be the code that he had given me (which grabs the ip address) because the ips were showing up. if that makes any sense... Anyway, i'll update if anything changes (or a bot shows up), thanks
  12. Gidgidonihah

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Okay, first, what do you mean it is unrelated with WOS? WOS is not working correctly so one way or another it's related to it. Second, I don't think it's a problem with the bit of code you mentioned because generally the ip address shows up, what it's not doing is associating it with a bot. It just appears as a normal customer would. Another thing I just noticed is that in the profile view it shows no session id, but on the bar below session it has a 'Y'. I'm going to go ahead and try reinstalling the contrib when I get a chance and see if that works. I'll post back with any updates. Now you could be very right about it being a problem with something else installed. We should check into that. Everything was working fine with mine with version 1.6. It was when i upgraded to 1.7.1 that I started having problems. I have a hefty list of contributions installed on my site. Check the sig for the list and anyone else tell us if you also have any of those installed that could be or isn't causing a problem.
  13. Ok, so i've written my own little contribution that deals with images. First It allows you to have anywhere from 0-6 images and second it keeps thumbnails in the standard folder and grabs the large popup image from a folder named 'large' Everything works beautifully, now I would just like to integrate it into the admin area. I want to add extra optional file fields for both the thumbnail and the large images for up to 6, but I don't know exactly what the code for this is. I want it to look something like this: Product Image: [ (thumbnail ] browse [ (large image uploaded to large folder) ] browse Product Image 2: [ (thumbnail ] browse [ (large image uploaded to large folder) ] browse etc.... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Gidgidonihah

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Okay, I just checked this out and noticed that I'm having the same problem that many others are. It shows bots as any other customer. If I have profile view open, the unidentified bot has no session id nor does it have a user agent. That hints that it's not a problem with spiders.txt because the bots are correctly not being given a session id. I also have another problem. For some reason the last url clicked and the refferer sections are simply left blank. Does anyone else have this problem? Hopefully we can get this all sorted.
  15. Gidgidonihah

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    If your browser, or any customer's for that matter, is set up to not print the background images or colors, then those images/colors won't appear on the printed copy.