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    discount codes bs

    Hi I installed Discount Codes 4.4.0 BS the other day, everything looks ok followed the instruction completely and double check it aswell After making a demo code for all for a selection of good, when i logged into my demo account, the following happens, Picture below
  2. ShortyLong

    discount codes bs

    Hi sorry for posting in the wrong place 😞 the Version of Oscommerce is v2.3.4.1 CE i dont now yet as ive not done a transaction yet and i dont have any other addons that interfere with it Thanks
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    Hi everyone I need some of your expert help :'( I am in the middle of build my shop, and i wont to use paypal. I have looked at the Modules and found that there is 36 different paypal Modules. Which one do i use. as i am useing shopfactory light, and paypal is the only payment method i wont to use for now. I have downloaded a few of the paypal modules, but im haveing trouble getting them to work. If someone would kindly recommend the correct modules and give me a step by step instuctions on how to config it I would be very greatful Thanx for your time Shorty :thumbsup: