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  1. ShortyLong

    discount codes bs

    Hi sorry for posting in the wrong place 😞 the Version of Oscommerce is v2.3.4.1 CE i dont now yet as ive not done a transaction yet and i dont have any other addons that interfere with it Thanks
  2. ShortyLong

    discount codes bs

    Hi I installed Discount Codes 4.4.0 BS the other day, everything looks ok followed the instruction completely and double check it aswell After making a demo code for all for a selection of good, when i logged into my demo account, the following happens, Picture below
  3. ShortyLong

    Category Not lining up

  4. ShortyLong

    Category Not lining up

    Thank bert for the reply I resize the images so that are all the same 200x200 but still showing as miss allined the version i'm using is community-supported responsive Edge
  5. ShortyLong

    Category Not lining up

    ive been looking through the php files that might be related to this but cant see anything that is out of place any help with this would be appreciated. though it might have something to do with Firefox, so tried it on IE and its the same. Thanks
  6. ShortyLong

    Category Not lining up

    Could anyone tell me why this is happening. The category are not lining up properly as seen in image.
  7. ShortyLong

    Customers cant login

    yes the emails are correct as i get the email to reset, i click on the link and reset my password, once its confirmed, i try to log in and it just take me back to the sign in page say welcome guest etc etc
  8. ShortyLong

    Customers cant login

    Yes it is hosted on Godaddy and SSL is installed and there is no errors in the error log
  9. ShortyLong

    Customers cant login

    I just installed Community Edition (from GitHub -- choose "Frozen" ) And everything installed great i set about config all info like paypal site settings. i then tryed to make a dummy account with my details, and everything went find, but when i tryed to log in to the site, its saying Error: No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password. I keep trying but still the same message. So i created one in my partners name but it's saying the same. So i checked my sql database, and both usernames are in there, and also in the admin back office of the site Any ideas ? Thanks
  10. Would like to thank everyone for all the help you have given me. I have sorted the problem out. i installed Community Edition (from GitHub -- choose "Frozen" which was suggested by MrPhil and everything is working how it should thanks again
  11. i will try that thanks
  12. Found out what the problem is. When i install osCommerce to my website without ssl it works correctly as seen in image below When i Install with SSL
  13. Hi mike Thanks for your reply I have check and everything is how its suppose to be as per you message? it just seems to be the admin side, as the website is ok
  14. Hi Ive just reinstalled Os commerce and noticed that part of the screen is missing, this did not happen with the first one i installed, and wondering why it has happened now. I've checked my screen configuration and its still as it was before. Any ideas 😞 Thanks Steve
  15. ShortyLong


    Hi everyone I need some of your expert help :'( I am in the middle of build my shop, and i wont to use paypal. I have looked at the Modules and found that there is 36 different paypal Modules. Which one do i use. as i am useing shopfactory light, and paypal is the only payment method i wont to use for now. I have downloaded a few of the paypal modules, but im haveing trouble getting them to work. If someone would kindly recommend the correct modules and give me a step by step instuctions on how to config it I would be very greatful Thanx for your time Shorty :thumbsup: