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  1. Cheers, Jack. I found it. I'll give it a try. I do understand the page load issue, but it's for a client, not me. What the client wants, the client gets.
  2. Still looking for this contrib. Fed/Ex Freight only allows two countries. Perhaps a modification of this? Zone is Shanghai, China
  3. I'm looking for a contrib that I can add showing the entire catalog all at once. perhaps in a table. Product, image, brief description is all that it has to have. Is there something out there that'll do this? I searched the contribs, but couldn't find anything definite.
  4. We're shipping from China to the US & EU and want to use FedEx, but the contribs I've seen mention the US & Canada specifically. Is there one that works from China? Specifically Shanghai? I'd rather not add another contrib until I know for sure that it'll work properly. Cheers!
  5. Got the forms to work with the fix that bkellum suggested. But now the header isn't showing right, and since I'm only really working on this site every other day or so, I can't for the life of me remember where and what I changed in the header to show the logo and such. Shows up fine on the storefront & catalog, but not contact, privacy, shipping and such. Any suggestions?
  6. Found that and one a bit higher up. Will try the newer one first, then see what happens. Thanks again!
  7. It's posting properly now, thanks! But does this method allow for a <form> tag? Dreamweaver isn't displaying it properly. When just typing "test test" or something, it shows. With the form mail part on it, it becomes blank again. The form mail is actually the one. Perhaps I have to try something different.
  8. That's what did it. Thanks for the help!
  9. I paged through the forums (albeit slowly, as these forums are SLOW from behind the Great Firewall) but couldn't find anything relevant to the problem at hand. The store: My STS settings: Default: Use Templates? true Code for debug output debug Files for normal template sts_user_code.php Base folder includes/sts_templates/ Template folder full Default template file sts_template.html Use template for infoboxes false Popup Image: True, popup_image.php When clicking on any of the life buoys on the two test products we have up, I only get the index page template. Did I miss a step somewhere upon installation? I edited popup_image.php.html only adding a copyright notice. And according to the instructions, it'll look for that if it's present, otherwise using popup_image.php from the catalog page. Only other contributes I have is easypopulate & Header Tags SEO installed before this. Also, I know I read somewhere that STS can be used to make simple HTML pages that have nothing to do with osCommerce pages but would still be "wrapped" into the storefront. Is this the case? I need to make a few contact forms that none of the contribs can handle. Probably using a java pop-up similar to the image preview. Cheers, Eric
  10. After a bit more tinkering, the contact_importers script is now crashing out my entire store. This isn't working at ALL! Is there a way to add a new page, a simple HTML page that can handle these sort of scripts and still be "inside" the osCommerce framework? This might be more feasable.
  11. As the contact form for osC and even the contribs available don't really do what I want it to do, I've decided to try my hand on making my own. What I did is I took catalog/privacy.php and includes/languages/english/privacy.php, downloaded them and renamed them both contact_importers.php. From there, I put in a <form> script onto the define('TEXT_INFORMATION', part of it. However, when I upload them and go to, the page is simply blank. On catalog/contact_importers.php, I changed the information to the following: require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_CONTACT_IMPORTERS); $breadcrumb->add(NAVBAR_TITLE, tep_href_link(FILENAME_CONTACT_IMPORTERS)); Is this wrong? Or am I missing another part that needs to be changed? Or can you simply NOT have a <form> script in the php file?
  12. "PHP is not forgiving. You need to follow, step by step. " Don't I know it. Cheers, guys! I'll give it another crack.
  13. I'm also getting this error. All admin pages are completely blank. No error messages or anything. Looking up the source shows it's simply not reading anything. What can I do here? What needs to be changed? Considering the above was posted in July, is it safe to assume there's no more help available here? If so, is there a different contribution to allow extra fields to be added to the order form? For the record, I followed this contribution: Customers Extra Fields v1.2a Rollup insomniac2 2 Dec 2006 Cheers!
  14. We'd like to use paypal on our shopping cart, but all of our customers are here in Shanghai, so most likely they'll be using local credit or debit cards. Does the Paypal module included work with Paypal China? Any one have any experience with this? Cheers!
  15. It worked fantastically! Cheers!