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  1. Hi, I installed the PDF Datasheet add-on and all is working good. The only problem I have with it is it uoutput the PDF Datasheet in just one language. I have two language on the online store and If I set the Language default to be english, it will output only in english not in the other languages. How I can fix that please ?
  2. Ok thank you, I will try it...
  3. @Omar_one Perfect ! Thank you very much Omar.... Have a nice day.
  4. @Omar_one Hi again... Do you have a solution for the following sotuation I have, I try to change it and didn't succeed. It's when I change the view of the listing product between Grid/List. See the images: With the List view, it's perfect. But when with the Grid list, the ribbon is not fit well. Thank you.
  5. lol, first time I heard that installing Add-On Compatibility for 2.3.4 EDGE will eliminating deprecated eerror in php7.. Notttttttt !!
  6. Hi Jack, I need an add-ons like this. Is it compatible with Edge ? I didn't see in your description add-on page.
  7. Thank's again Jack... My test seems good. See the attached files.
  8. Has anyone found how to upgrade to version 5.018 for the Paypal application for Bootstrap Edge ? It's the same for me, when I do an update, it redirects me to the Paypal application Updated by Harald Ponce de Leon on 1st March 2017. It's the package I had installed already. The message I see when I click Update is: v5.018 is available as an update! This can be downloaded and applied manually from the osCommerce Apps site. I have no error in the installation.
  9. Ok thank's Jack... I really I really took my time to install the application and I did a check a couple of times. It is not complicated to install, it should work but not. I have no error. It's only that it does not update automatically. Really weird. The only thing I can see, it's the right for the files and folder. I have CMOD 755 for the folder and 644 for the files. Can I be able to use Paypal without the 5.018 or it is mandatory ? I will wait till I find it or someone who post the link. Anyway, I know today it's a new requirement for the Paypal App so a lot of people will have trouble ! Cheers
  10. Hi Jack, It's what I did, but when I click on the update button, I see the message: v5.018 is available as an update! This can be downloaded and applied manually from the osCommerce Apps site. I installed the last Paypal add-ons (PayPal App v5.010) Updated by Harald Ponce de Leon on 1st March 2017. But when I want to update to 5.018, it give me this message and a link to go to the same page where I got the 5.010 update from March 1. I search the forum to see how to resolve this and I didn't found nothing just a couple guys which have the same problem as me and nobody gave how to solve this... I have one online store Online and 1 store test and the 2 gave the same thing... No error just don't want to update. I even installed the original file from Edge from the last version and no cigar.... How can I update or install the 5.018 manually , where is the package ?
  11. Hi, I tried Paypal. First, I installed the The App Paypal Update 5.10, after when I try to update Paypal App to 5.018, it doesn't work, it just give me the link to the App Paypal 5.10 from Oscommerce App. Can someone guide me how to update to 5.018 ! I'm Using Bootstrap Edge Master June release. Thank you in advance...
  12. Hi, Thank you for this add-on... Great. I had the famous deprecated constructor with PHP7. =========================== I change this line : function cm_carousel() { For this line : function __construct() { =========================== No more error... Is anybody found how to change the height of the carousel ? I tried some setting in user.css and the file cm.carousel.php but no Cigar !!! Cheers.
  13. @Dan Cole @14steve14 Ok Thank you guys, I will give it a try.... I will check all that....
  14. @ArtcoInc They have a Paypal Account... which is connecting to their Bank account.... It's a new store.... So They didn't stop their choice how the payment will be made... They search something not too complicating... and easy.... Smooth transaction... For Paypal closing this kind of business, I understand, it's normal...
  15. @14steve14 Thank you for your answer.... Who can close our account without warning ?? Paypal? If so why would they do that?