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  1. Milo_CHS

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    I have the Paypal IPN module installed but it is turned off and will never be used, nor any other Paypal module. Will I be able to use this module?
  2. Milo_CHS

    Featured Products errors

    I have pretty much this exact same problem. Can anyone help?
  3. Milo_CHS

    Processing [Paypal IPN]

    Yes, I have version 1.1 I believe. Is this ok? We fixed the problem last night but now have another. When a customer completes their order and gets sent to Paypal, if they cancel out or close the window the orders status will remain "Prepairing". How can I fix this part of it? I'd like it to not even show up in our orders area when they cancel their order while in paypal.
  4. Milo_CHS

    Processing [Paypal IPN]

    Ok, when the customer gets through with Paypal and hits the "Continue" button at the end to finish the process we get an error page. The URL at the top is "http://checkout_process.php". Why is this and where can I fix this? I had the correct URL set in the IPN setup in our profile on Paypal, still doesn't work. I also just deleted it all and left it blank like RikR mentioned in other posts, still nothing. Please help.
  5. Milo_CHS

    Processing [Paypal IPN]

    Our site is having a problem where all Paypal orders are listed as Processing. When a customer confirms their order and gets sent to Paypal, if they decide to quite there and close the window the order will continue to stay in our Orders are listed as Processing. If they go through with the Paypal order and pay, it will still be listed as Processing. We are having to manually log into Paypal and verify that the customer actually paid for the products. It's a real pain and I really don't know a whole lot about this. Also, after they complete their payment through Paypal and click the button to go back to our site, all that comes up is an error page. Can anyone off any help? If you need anymore info, please let me know as I really don't know what all I should be looking at.