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  1. vloertegel

    NEWS contribution

    Can sombody xplain to me how i can install this contribution, I downloaded it and ther wasn't a readme file in the package!!! Many thanks!!
  2. I installt the banner manager like the read me file said. Then placed a banner in the box and it worked, but when I deleted the first banner and got a new banner. result: No box and no banner. What did I do wrong here? greetings Mark
  3. vloertegel

    flate rate and rate per product

    so my question is : Is there a contribution for this problem?? and wich is it?? As stated in an other topic it's hard to find what you are looking for !!
  4. I'm having the problem that some products need to be charged xtra on top of the netto price and the shippingcosts this extra charge is different for each product type. Is there a way to do this??? thanks in advance, Mark