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    discxpress reacted to 14steve14 in QTPro BS   
    Are you sure it has not been moved to templates/default/includes/hooks/shop/sitewide which is where many of the hooks are now placed.
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    discxpress reacted to raiwa in shop by price   
    Uploaded Shop By Price v5.2.1 with the above fix
    Shop by Price CE Phoenix v.5.2.1
    Requires Phoenix
    Changes in Shop By Price v5.2.1
    - fixed categories filter. Thanks to @discxpress for the report and testing
    Changes in Shop By Price v5.2
    - updated for CE Phoenix
    - updated shop_by_price.php for templateable pages
    - updated modules to abstract modules
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    discxpress got a reaction from raiwa in shop by price   
    That worked. Thank you
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    discxpress reacted to raiwa in shop by price   
    It's on my  to do list. Thanks
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    discxpress reacted to raiwa in KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support   
    You are on Phoenix right?
    Kissit Image has not been updated yet.
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    discxpress reacted to kgtee in Wishlist For Phoenix   
    The correct class is nb_wish_list, and not nb_wishlist in my version. You may want to check and ensure consistency of the class name.
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    discxpress reacted to LeeFoster in Wishlist For Phoenix   
    Not as far as I'm aware
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    discxpress reacted to Jack_mcs in Instant Discount   
    Instant Discount is meant to grab impulse buyers. When a visitor arrives at your site by clicking on a product link in a search engine listing, a dialog will appear saying that he will get a discount if the item is purchased within a certain amount of time. The discount amount, how long the offer is good for and various other things are controlled by settings in admin.
    This addon is written for the CE version. It may work in BS 4 since little is displayed outside of the addon files. It also may work with the official 2.3.4 version. It won't hurt anything in any shop since it can be completely turned off or used in text mode.
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    discxpress reacted to phi148 in All Products SEO   
    Hmm... I seem to have the same problem.  Were you able to ever get it to display horizontally?
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    discxpress reacted to raiwa in Product listing   
    the main image is tagged for search engines in this line:
    echo tep_image('images/' . $product_info['products_image'], NULL, NULL, NULL, 'itemprop="image" style="display:none;"'); and yes, the actual version is r27, r30 is not yet released, my faut, sorry. r27 includes already the alt tag like you said.
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    discxpress reacted to Tsimi in Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS   
    You could link to a info page that explains more about the referral system. Advertising it is always a good thing that might benefit your store.
    Adding a link into the product page shouldn't be difficult at all. The question is would it be overkill? To advertise on the main page (index.php) or some social media site OK but on every single product page?
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    discxpress reacted to raiwa in Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS   
    There is already a referral feature included which allows a new customer during his first order to refer an existing customer who referenced the store to him.
    Giving referral points to a customer just for sending info to another mail like the old "Tell a Friend" box would open the door to abuse, hence you have no control/confirmation to whom a customer sends the referral.
    There is already a link to the "Point Program FAQ" page included in the product info content module:
    "Buy this item and earn 100 points valued at $10.00. Please check the Point Program FAQ for more information. "
    It shouldn't be difficult to enhance the link by a button if you feel it should be more visible.
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    discxpress reacted to burt in Slim Checkout for BS   
    If the modules are choosable...have one that stays that is a contact us. 

    a box that only shows XS at the top of left column
    a floating content module or HT module
    a stuck to the bottom navbar
    It's up to the shopowner to make things work his way...
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    discxpress reacted to raiwa in Slim Checkout for BS   
    I would say, even contact us is not needed during checkout.
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    discxpress reacted to Tsimi in Slim Checkout for BS   
    Well done!
    We appreciate all the hard work you put into your addons and projects but please do me a favor and don't work too much/hard. In the past I/we  have lost 2 very good friends from this forum and the last thing I remember was, they were working hard on some addons/projects and it could have been just mere coincidence or just fact that they overworked themselfs till their body gave up. You maintain multiple addons, you work with me on the Point and Rewards module, Sloppy words cleaner and, and, and....
    Long story short, watch your health and take enough rest so that we will be able to enjoy you and your work for many years to come.
    That goes for all of you out there. osC is nice and all but it won't bring you anything if you work yourself to death.
    Now back to work....
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    discxpress reacted to raiwa in Slim Checkout for BS   
    Common opinion is that the checkout process should be as "slim" as possible. This means to hide all page elements which are not strict necessary to show to the customer a simple clean layout, so nothing disturbs his attention from the purchase process.
    This add-on allows to do it by simple settings in a Header Tag module.
    Git Hub Repository: https://github.com/raiwa/Slim-Checkout/tree/master
    What it does:
    - allows to hide elements on checkout pages
        - optional hide on checkout pages (checkout_shipping.php, checkout_payment.phpheckout_confirmation.php and checkout_success)
        - optional hide also on shopping_cart.php
        - select each group to hide (navbar, header area, boxes, footer and footer suffix
      - copy all new files
      - install and adjust Slim Checkout Header Tag
    testing , Bug reports and suggestions very welcome.
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    discxpress got a reaction from raiwa in Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS   
    Great job! I love it. Thanks.
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    discxpress got a reaction from raiwa in Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS   
    Great job! I love it. Thanks.
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    discxpress reacted to raiwa in Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS   
    @discxpress, hello Lecarl,
    Thank you.
    Download: https://github.com/raiwa/Points_Rewards_BS_BETA_GIT/archive/master.zip
    Ready for live site, on your own risk. I would say it should be, but  we need still to run checks.
    Instructions need to be revised and completed I think.
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    discxpress reacted to raiwa in Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS   
    only paypal_standard requires modification. All other core payment modules use checkout_process.php and shouldn't need any additional modifications.
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    discxpress reacted to kymation in Theme Switcher and Oscommerce 2.3.4   
    The corners are generated by the theme, if I remember correctly. Use one of the theme generators available online to create a new theme and set corner radius to 0. I believe there is a link to a theme generator in the support thread for Theme Switcher, but there are many to choose from.
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    discxpress reacted to Jack_mcs in Upgrading to the latest version   
    It seems like every other question posted nowadays is about how to upgrade an older version of oscommerce and the op usually references the official version. This post is meant to provide a quick reference for how to convert an older shop to the current, recommended, one.
    First, the version that should be used is commonly called the Bootstrap, BS or Responsive version. It can be located here. One should not use the official version. The official version can be installed via the hosts control panel so it is easy to think that is the one to use - it is not.
    Since the BS version is not directly compatible with other versions, the following steps will be needed:
    Install the BS version into a new location Convert the database. See this thread for help with that. Install whatever addons the site needs. You need to be sure the addon will work with the BS version. This thread mentions specific ones but there are many others that will work. If in doubt, ask in the support thread for the addon in question. If you intend to use paypal, then install the Paypal App. At this point you should have a working shop. Test it thoroughly, especially the payment and shipping modules, before going live with it.
    When you are ready to go live,
    Mark your current shop as down for maintenance ( a simple index.html file is fine for this purpose ). Make a backup of the current shops database and files. Convert the database to the BS version. Replace all of the files with the new shops files. Edit the configure files so they work as the live shop. Remove the blocking page. If everything has gone correctly, the conversion should be complete.
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    discxpress reacted to Jack_mcs in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    There's a known problem in that version. Please find this line
    WHERE manufacturers_id='".(int)$mID."' and change it to
    WHERE m.manufacturers_id='".(int)$mID."'