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  1. Hello, I'm thinking of implementing an affiliate program. I need any guidance from someone here that uses Stripe Connect to pay affiliates of any other payout. Thanks in advance for help provided.
  2. Hello, I ran across an article that shows recent online shopping statistics. While most of the data we're aware of but do we really understand it and apply it to our own shops? The piece that stood out to me were the top reasons customers abandon carts. Shop owners have little control over the top and bottom reasons. Or do we? For the top reason, retailers have to base shipping costs based on what they pay. I remember @burt touching on the subject of a one-page checkout in a thread he started. Burt has taken out some checkout steps in his EDGE edition. Also, @Mort-lemur taunting success with Recover Cart Sales. We all can agree that once we get the customer in the checkout funnel, we want them feel reassured and experiencing a comfortable and seamless process. Is it time for a new one-page checkout process for BS EDGE? What can we do to keep the customer's attention throughout checkout? Let's discuss! Attention @raiwa @Tsimi @frankl @MrPhil @LeeFoster @Dan Cole and whomever wants to participate.
  3. @@burt or anyone who can assist. When clicking on grid/list view buttons, the visitor is returned to the index page. This store has been modded but not sure if any tweaking has been done to product listing module. Please advise of what I need to check. Thanks for reading.
  4. I was reading an article about Google's ranking factor called Rankbrain. From what I gathered, it uses user intent and artificial intelligence to rank pages. The article demonstrates how simply changing a search can really shift the results. It is suggested that Rankbrain is one of the top 3 ranking factors along with links and content. @Jack_mcs your HT SEO module has help us a lot. How can we use your module to achieve better rankings based on Rankbrain? Read more here https://neilpatel.com/blog/how-rankbrain-works/?utm_campaign=subscribers-18&utm_medium=subscribers_push_notification&utm_source=subscribers
  5. Hmmmm. I do see an improvement in the overall load time of category pages. I notice a boost in loading of product pages, especially in the server response time or time till first byte. Which can be critical during peak times. For a site as large as mine, it's a huge plus. What about areas of the site where cookies are required in order to function? And the EU cookie law?
  6. I agree @big_goals. Getting them there the first time and converting into buyers is the challenge.
  7. Hello all, I received an email from Brian Dean and he gives insight on RankBrain. It's a top 3 ranking signal and he announces the death of long-tail keywords. 🤔 Please take a read. https://backlinko.com/google-rankbrain-seo. Comment your thoughts.
  8. All Products SEO

    No. I never had the chance to get back to it. Search engines love crawling it though. Now on my to do list
  9. Hello all, I'm using All Manufacturers for BS by @reflex-ocasion https://apps.oscommerce.com/clER0&all-manufacturers-bs. It's a great module to have for search engine crawling and user experience. A step further (for large stores with hundreds or thousands of brands) would be to arrange on the All Manufacturers page alphabetically like: A Animal Apple B Bakery Box It has been done by @amseek here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/00fKs&all-manufacturers but not adapted to BS version nor the Community Edition by @burt. I have the instructions and code for the All Manufacturers from 6 years ago OSC version 2.3.1: All Manufacturers Contribution v.1 for osCommerce 2.2 - Alpha-Split Layout Option (March 2012) -------------------------------- Created by Art Main OSC:amseek www.goldcoastdesign.org http://addons.oscommerce.com/profile/253123 Overview -------- This contribution adds an alphabetized list layout option to the all-manufacturers contribution. You can choose to control the number of columns to show (or let the program choose), the width of each column and the alignment (CSS text-align values) for each column. Please note: There are still a couple CSS quirks with regards to the borders and overall layout. I don't have the time to track these down, but just so you are aware. The Alpa-Split php and html are sound though. Thanks ------ Alex Kaiser (alex@pooliestudios.com) - original mod Installation ------------ 1. Install the All Manufacturers Contribution v.1 for osCommerce 2.2 (contrib page: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1685/v,22) if you don't already have it installed. 2. Apply the following changes below. 3. To enable, change the COLUMN_LISTING value to 'alpha-list'. ==================================== allmanufacturers.php: ------------------- find (app line 30): define('COLUMN_LISTING', 'false'); // added by azer change to false for columns listing ------------------- add after: //+CSS/Alpha-Split Layout Option $num_cols = 'auto'; //number of columns (int) or 'auto' (default is 'auto') $list_align = 'left'; //CSS 'text-align' values (default is 'left' for Alpha-Split layout, otherwise default is 'center') $col_width = 'auto'; //CSS 'width' values (if just a number, 'px' will be assumed). Default is '150px' //set to 'auto' for no set CSS width (Alpha-Split layout only) //-CSS/Alpha-Split Layout Option ------------------- find (app line 97 [line 186 if you have CSS Layout Option installed]): } else { // column ------------------- before add: //+Alpha-Split Layout Option } else if (COLUMN_LISTING=='alpha-split') { $manufacturer_name_query_start = "select manufacturers_id, manufacturers_name from " . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS . " where manufacturers_name"; $manufacturer_name_query_end = " order by manufacturers_name"; $manufacturers_query = tep_db_query('select count(*) as count from ' . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS . ' order by manufacturers_name'); $item = tep_db_fetch_array($manufacturers_query); $num_manufacturers = $item["count"]; if (!(tep_not_null($num_cols) && is_int($num_cols))) { $num_cols = 5; } if ($num_manufacturers > 0) { $num_headings = 0; foreach (range('A', 'Z') as $letter) { $manufacturer_name_query = $manufacturer_name_query_start . " like '" . $letter . "%'" . $manufacturer_name_query_end; $manufacturer_name = tep_db_query($manufacturer_name_query); if (tep_db_num_rows($manufacturer_name) > 0) { $num_headings++; //adjust for letter headings while ($manufacturer = tep_db_fetch_array($manufacturer_name)) { $manufacturers_result[$letter][] = $manufacturer; } } } } if (tep_not_null($manufacturers_result)) { $column_itor = 0; $itor = 0; $num_per = ceil(($num_manufacturers + $num_headings) / $num_cols); foreach ($manufacturers_result as $letter => $manulist) { $itor++; foreach ($manulist as $index => $manuitem) { if ($letter == $curr_letter) { $itor++; $curr_letter = null; } if ($itor >= $num_per) { $curr_letter = $letter; $column_itor++; $itor = 0; } $manufacturers_list[$column_itor][$letter][] = $manuitem; $itor++; } } //set up user chosen params $pattern = '/^(\d+)(in|cm|mm|px|em|ex|pt|pc|px)?$/'; if (preg_match($pattern,$col_width,$matches)) { if (empty($matches[2])) { $col_width_text = 'width:' . $matches[1] . 'px;'; } } else if ($col_width != 'auto') { $col_width_text = 'width:150px;'; } if ($list_align != "center" && $list_align != "right") { $list_align = "left"; } ?> <style type="text/css"> <!-- div.alpha_list_container ul { text-align:<?php echo $list_align; ?>; } div.alpha_list_container ul li { <?php echo $col_width_text; ?> overflow:hidden; } --> </style> <div id="manufacturers_list_container" class="alpha_list_container"> <?php foreach ($manufacturers_list as $column) { ?> <div class="multicolumn_list"> <?php foreach ($column as $letter => $manu_list) { ?> <ul class="alpha_list"> <li class="manufacturer_letter"><?php echo $letter; ?></li> <?php foreach ($manu_list as $manufacturers) { echo '<li>' . "\n" . '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, 'manufacturers_id=' . $manufacturers['manufacturers_id'] . '=' . $manufacturers['manufacturers_name']) . '">'. $manufacturers['manufacturers_name'] . "<br />\n"; echo "</a>\n </li>\n"; } ?> </ul> <?php } ?> </div> <?php } ?> <div style="clear:left;"></div> </div> <?php } //-Alpha-Split Layout Option ==================================== stylesheet.css: ------------------- if you do not have the CSS Layout Option installed add: /* multicolumn_list */ div#manufacturers_list_container { float:left; } div#manufacturers_list_container ul { margin:0; padding:0; list-style:none; } div.multicolumn_list { float:left; } ------------------- find (within the CSS Layout Option css shown above): div.multicolumn_list { float:left; } ------------------- change to: div.multicolumn_list { border: 0px solid #d9d9da; float:left; } ------------------- add: div.alpha_list_container { border: 0px solid #d9d9da; border-right-width: 1px; border-bottom-width: 1px; } ul.alpha_list { font-size: .7em; border: 0px solid #d9d9da; border-left-width: 1px; } ul.alpha_list li a { display:block; border: 0px solid #ffffff; border-top-width: 1px; border-bottom-width: 1px; } ul.alpha_list li a:hover { border-color:#d9d9da; text-decoration:none; } li.manufacturer_letter { font-weight:bold; background:#D7E9F7; border: 0px solid #d9d9da; border-top-width: 1px; border-bottom-width: 1px; } I know page splitting is probably done much differently in BS. So I've included the code for reflex-ocasion's All Manufacturer's page: <?php /* $Id$ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright (c) 2017 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ require('includes/application_top.php'); require('includes/languages/' . $language . '/allmanufacturers.php'); $breadcrumb->add(NAVBAR_TITLE, tep_href_link('allmanufacturers.php')); require('includes/template_top.php'); ?> <div class="page-header"> <h1><?php echo HEADING_TITLE; ?></h1> </div> <div class="contentContainer"> <div class="contentText"> <?php $manufacturers_query = tep_db_query("select manufacturers_name, manufacturers_id, manufacturers_image from manufacturers order by manufacturers_name" ); $manufacturers = tep_db_num_rows($manufacturers_query); while ($manufacturers = tep_db_fetch_array($manufacturers_query)) { ?> <div class="col-sm-6 col-md-4" itemprop="itemListElement" itemscope="" itemtype="http://schema.org/Product"> <div class="thumbnail equal-height"> <?php echo ' <p class="text-center"><a href="' . tep_href_link('index.php', 'manufacturers_id=' . $manufacturers['manufacturers_id'] . '=' . $manufacturers['manufacturers_name']) . '">'. $manufacturers['manufacturers_name']; echo ' <br /> '; echo tep_image('images/' . $manufacturers['manufacturers_image'], $manufacturers['manufacturers_name']) . '</a></p>'; ?> </div> </div> <?php } ?> </div> <p>&nbsp;</p> <div class="buttonSet"> <div class="text-right"><?php echo tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_CONTINUE, 'fa fa-angle-right', tep_href_link('index.php')); ?></div> </div> </div> <?php require('includes/template_bottom.php'); require('includes/application_bottom.php'); ?> I'm not a coder so I have no clue where to begin. Any input/advice @MrPhil @kymation @frankl @wHiTeHaT will be appreciated. Do you think this would be ideal for core code?
  10. How to Alpha Split sub-Categories and Manufacturers?

    @reflex-ocasion it works like a charm. @burt coded a nice module to handle my pile of categories that functions similar to this. Speaking of nice, I think OSCommerce needs a nice graphic artist for some cosmetic upgrade. I have to dress it up some to make it look nice. I have one more question. What about manufacturers whose name start with a number? Thanks for your time you sacrificed away from your family
  11. How to Alpha Split sub-Categories and Manufacturers?

    @burt also, I love the way small ideas spawn into something great. Hence, the Key System.
  12. How to Alpha Split sub-Categories and Manufacturers?

    Yes it still suit my needs. I'm mostly intrigued by the functions of that simple code edit. Or shall I say curious?
  13. Web site security problems with osCommerce Gold/Edge?

    Hello @justcatering, @burt is the one that facilitates the EDGE version. Alert him as soon as possible about this so he can look into it. I use the EDGE version and I am not aware of any security breaches but I've done 3 things for security Use a reputable webhosting company All pages using https protocol. Use a cloud server service such as Google Cloud or Cloudflare You may want to change all passwords that grant access to your server and change credentials in your configure files. I've had no problems with security in years since using EDGE version.
  14. How to Alpha Split sub-Categories and Manufacturers?

    @reflex-ocasion The first piece of code was from an earlier version. I don't have the code of allmanufacturers.php from the earlier version. I have included the link to the older version in my original post above. Thank you for your quick reply.
  15. Import Reviews from other sites

    @burt from what I read a customer makes a purchase from a site. Days later TrustPilot sends the customer an email asking to review product. If customer opt-in to write a review, TrustPilot attributes the review to the product and not the website the product was bought from. The review is shown across all TP affiliated sites that sell that product.
  16. Hello, I would like to form partnerships with review sites that give detailed reviews and also opinions from their fan base. That would be great for on-page content/seo. I would like to offer prospective partners a link back to their review site and an opportunity to earn revenue in my affiliate program in exchange for link to my products to increase sales. I need a way to import their reviews and display them in some stylish form either via a link or carousel or product listing. My idea is to import a feed from the partner and display their rating on the respective product. Can this be done? @burt @frankl @raiwa @MrPhil Any questions can help me to elaborate. Thanks in advance.
  17. Import Reviews from other sites

    @burt I believe the module works but it could be the approach of the site owner. Like myself, in fragrances it should be easy to get reviews, but I don't aggressively pursue them as I should. You got services like TrustPilot that does all the work. But your competitor could have the same review for the same product. I noticed that while Googling the other day. Avid shoppers will notice that almost immediately. The content isn't unique but it's rumored to boost conversions and traffic. I guess it's some kind of structured data markup to let the search engines know that it's syndicated content. Reviews build trust with new shoppers. I would like to use the other site's reviews as a placeholder while I build my own collection. In my view it would be "What our customers are saying..." and if you're still not sure here's "What other reviewers on [external site] are saying..." Just as @frankl stated you can display reviews from Amazon but we know that will come at a cost, loss of sales.
  18. Import Reviews from other sites

    @clustersolutions great points. I'm gonna put forth an effort to get customers to leave reviews. Especially, the area of my site where I need to prove authenticity of the products. I use Gary's Key system. But not as aggressively as I should. I got 2 more reviews last night and I submitted them to Google. If I can get the reviews built up to over 100 then I'll be in good shape.
  19. Import Reviews from other sites

    @clustersolutions @MrPhil @frankl I just discovered that a lot of sites in my industry use a review syndication called Trust Pilot. Several sites that compete against each other use that company. I noticed it when different websites had the same rating, same amount of reviews for the same product. I know Google love reviews but I don't know of the ranking or traffic impact it has.
  20. Import Reviews from other sites

    Yes, I've doe it by using that module, didn't get much action.
  21. Import Reviews from other sites

    @clustersolutions most solicitation emails go to spam folder. The ones that come through I read a little and if it's garbage I delete. I really don't shop on Amazon so I can't remember reading any fake reviews. I am interested in ways to get my customers more engaged by getting them to submit reviews. This is all new to me.
  22. Import Reviews from other sites

    @MrPhil Amazon is cracking down on such reviews. Mostly what I read, the hyped up reviews were those referring to the seller. My idea and as you stated in this thread, is to place a link back to the original reviews. The reviews from my actual customers would be separate as they should. That way the burden of authenticity is on the review site. Also, place a disclaimer on my site stating that those reviews are property of the external site.
  23. Import Reviews from other sites

    @clustersolutions I've never heard of paying someone to write reviews besides offering them future discounts. I would like to hear more about it if you don't mind explaining it to me/us. How does that work? Thanks
  24. Import Reviews from other sites

    @frankl Domain Authority and Page Authority are terms most commonly used by moz.com. They're an authority in the SEO arena. It's basically related to quality of backlinks, domain age, etc. It's based on Google's 200 ranking factors. It should work, I hope it works. My domain is about to be a year old on the 17th and I'm starving of lack of organic traffic.
  25. Import Reviews from other sites

    Thanks @frankl. With this prospective partner, they have a ton of content! Domain Authority 63, Page Authority 54. Their reviewers have done all the work. If their website viewers volunteered the reviews that could automatically transfer ownership to the website owner. Especially if there were a TOS or checkbox stating "Any content submitted is voluntary and becomes property of this website". 1. I need the best affiliate letter that will at least get them to thinking about becoming a partner 2. Make them an offer they can't refuse. I can pay them more per sale than Amazon, eBay and Walmart. 3. I need a way to incorporate their content into my website seemlessly. In a way it will be an exclusive partnership for just that one category of my shop which has 1000+ subcategories. That'll help me rank for keywords I wouldn't otherwise dream of. Your thoughts.