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  1. I'm not good at it, but I'll try.
  2. @kymation, is a module that places the store's phone number in the navbar included with this addon? Regards
  3. @John W I researched Ignitur and it appears to be an Internet marketing firm. So maybe that gives the author some authority in the field. I'm not using adwords at the moment but I know the same practices can be applied to organic seo. I start these discussions hoping myself and others who are struggling with seo can benefit. Also, I hope coders like @burt and @Jack_mcs could develop modules to bring us all forward. Thanks for your time and comments. Please continue.
  4. @John W If I follow you correctly, I believe you're talking about relevance. With Adwords relevance and keywords are the key in regards to ranking. I'm struggling with relevance regarding organic serps. My wish is to maintain high impressions and reap good CTR as a result. So it's safe to say I need to get my keyword research and application skills up to par. I look at data in Google WMT daily and try my best to decipher it. Thanks John
  5. @Jack_mcs thanks for some clarity. I can't seem to locate the link about engagement you mentioned. I agree, page rank or search position does matter. How does the searcher find your listing beyond page 5? I have issues with high impression/low CTR. On pages that are clicked, the CTR is actually pretty good. For example, in one day a page that's clicked may have 10 impressions and 4 clicks. However, pages that have 50 impressions won't have any clicks! I'm guessing that's due to how I write the meta descriptions. Another issue is low position/high impressions. I have no clue about that one. I think my real issue, from a novice's point of view, is I don't quite understand how to target keywords and long-tail keywords. It's not rocket science but it is a science. Thanks Jack
  6. @Jack_mcs In a large shop with a lot of categories and products, the silo box slows down index.php and manufacturers.php when enabled. When it's disabled, the site is lightening fast. Thanks for the improvements
  7. @burt Hopefully this topic will catch some traction soon. Maybe the article and community participation together can solve issues such as high impressions/low CTR the OSC way. Most ecommerce platforms and WordPress have modules/plug-ins available to help with such deficiencies. I know @Jack_mcs Header Tags SEO module helps a lot. He's always available to help. Maybe he can give some tips on how to adjust HT SEO to help with the issues outlined in the article if we ask him nicely. Specifically the section I pointed out. I was hoping other shop owners would chime in with best practices, tips or ideas.
  8. When I have time, I read up on SEO and how to apply it to my website. As with any shop owner, I come across something that sparks my curiosity. This time it's an article from Kissmetrics named "Search Engine Ranking Is Not The Point - Check These Progress Signals Instead". Oftentimes I tend to think too much about simple things. To me, the article is straightforward until I get to the beginning part of the Actions You Should Take section. It says what to do but not how to do it. So I come to the OSC community for advice and clarity. Others and myself could benefit from the voices of authority here. Two main things that I couldn't grasp were Improve Page Relevancy and Improve page engagement and all relevancy signals. The author didn't offer much help there. It could be another blog post indeed. @Jack_mcs @Dan Cole @Hotclutch @MrPhil @frankl and whomever wants to help us, please read the above linked article and give us whatever you want to contribute. @burt I know you'll take advantage of opportunity to move OSC forward so hopefully this will render another healthy discussion. Thank you all for your spare time.
  9. @@grandpaj have a chat with @@burt he has done something similar for me in the past
  10. @@14steve14 Thanks for the suggestion but it didn't work. It may be how I got something else setup and it's causing a conflict.
  11. Yes, I uploaded the new css file. Maybe it's another setting that's throwing it off. Thanks
  12. It loads 204K products in around 45 seconds on desktop. Maybe a "fetch as needed" approach could be taken on the code to just load the products when demanded. Also, I uploaded the new version as you suggested and all the letters still show vertically. The changes were made to user.css Thank you
  13. Thanks Jack. That didn't seem to help much. How do I decrease the amount of results? Also, I installed the new version and still the same result.
  14. @@Jack_mcs Thanks for the reply. What will be the best place to put a key on the table?
  15. @@Jack_mcs Is there anyway to speed up the queries of all-products.php on larger stores?