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  1. Hmmmm. I do see an improvement in the overall load time of category pages. I notice a boost in loading of product pages, especially in the server response time or time till first byte. Which can be critical during peak times. For a site as large as mine, it's a huge plus. What about areas of the site where cookies are required in order to function? And the EU cookie law?
  2. discxpress

    All Products SEO

    No. I never had the chance to get back to it. Search engines love crawling it though. Now on my to do list
  3. discxpress

    Updated Stripe payment module

    Good question. I would love to see an update also. If Stripe Connect capabilities could be added to pay affiliates, that would be excellent!
  4. discxpress

    KissIT Image Thumnailer

    @raiwa I just discovered that the image alt tag is in the code. It's existence is proven when you hover over the image. However, it is not present when you view the page source on a desktop. So it will throw a red flag when ran through validators. One question remains. Do the search engines know what the image is when the alt is empty? Thanks
  5. discxpress

    KissIT Image Thumnailer

    @raiwa where do I apply that code change? Where do I get r30? Thank you.
  6. discxpress

    KissIT Image Thumnailer

    @raiwa I use the latest version on a BS EDGE shop. The image alt tag of the product image doesn't appear. What should I check? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks anyway. It works fine in mobile which is where most of my traffic comes from.
  8. I can't screenshot it. It's the scrollbar that appear at the bottom of the browser that moves left to right. It works just fine
  9. Thanks! I like this module. When I set the navbar to float the screen is able to move side to side like something is too big for the screen. This only on desktop.
  10. @piernas I can't get it to show up after uploading to my site and turning on buttons. Where should I look for the problem? I use BS EDGE
  11. @Tsimi @raiwa I would like to run a contest to promote sign-ups. I would like to reward points towards the next order for each new referral. I was wondering if each registered user could refer unlimited friends at any time.
  12. @Tsimi My goal is to build a customer base naturally. Maybe on every product page could be overkill. So I'm left with the question I'm left that I'm asking myself. What is a great referral program and what is the best way to promote it? @raiwa I didn't think about the abuse. Maybe a Tell-a-Friend feature could be added to your program. My idea: Place a Tell-a-Friend button somewhere on the product page. Once clicked a small box pops up with a message "Suggest this product to a friend and receive X amount of points toward your next purchase if they buy. Learn more." Once they click the Learn more link they could be taken to the FAQ page. Don't mind me just exploring possibilities 😉😀
  13. @raiwa @Tsimi Are there any plans to make referral points part of the program more public? Someone suggested to me that I should use a Refer-a Friend program to gain customers. I was thinking that a link/button from the product page to a page explaining the referral program would be great. Thanks.
  14. discxpress

    Slim Checkout for BS

    I'm looking at things from a user experience viewpoint. I wouldn't want my customers to feel trapped in the checkout funnel. @burt floating modules would be great. It would be great to implement floating content modules
  15. discxpress

    Slim Checkout for BS

    What if the customer have a question during checkout? Not trying to challenge your logic. I hope you don't take it that way. The main reason I'm asking questions is sometimes I monitor Real Time activity in Google Analytics and I see customers enter the checkout process and bounce around from page to page. Many drop off altogether. So there's something grabbing their attention. I believe your addon will help with that. Also, I'm very excited about this addon and expect positive results. @frankl, @burt and @Tsimi what are your assessment to this particular reply?