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    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    It seems like we're on the same page as far as logic. As for the coding aspect of it, I'm clueless. To clear up exactly what I need: 1) Set shipping rates by categories, not by shipping vendor. 2) Products listed in sub-categories will inherit the rates of parent categories, unless it's feasible to code an option where sub-categories can have different shipping rates. One supplier has shipping rates ranging from $10 to $50 based on weight. But I will just charge my customers a flat rate close to their averages. 3) The highest shipping rate will override the lower rates if items are ordered from different categories with different rates. The items with lower shipping rates will be charged an additional item fee that's previously set no matter which category from which they came. I will PM you for further details. Thanks.
  2. discxpress

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    @@kymation Thanks for the very fast response from a busy gentleman. You've implied that #3 can be accomplished with code addition. BUT the same goal may be obtained this way: Charge different shipping rates for different categories, since my products will be arranged by categories not by supplier. Basically, charge a flat shipping rate according to the parent category and all products in the sub-categories will inherit the shipping costs of the parent category. There's already one great attempt to this which I can't get it to work because it's so complex that it's very confusing. That module is Separate Shipping per Product [sSPP]. It's easier to apply a flat rate shipping cost to the parent categories and the parent category with the highest shipping costs will be the base while products from other categories with lower shipping costs with be charged the additional item cost. I could use First item X module but one of my suppliers charge a lot more than the rest. What would be your approach to this? Thanks
  3. discxpress

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Hello I am looking for a multi-vendor shipping module that deals with only flat rate shipping and has the ability to charge for additional items. Here's exactly what I'm looking for: 1) Set a different flat rate for each vendor. 2) The ability to add an additional item cost to each order 3) An automatic override for highest shipping rate. (Example: If a customer orders multiple items from different vendors, then which vendor that has the highest shipping cost will override the others. The additional items will be charged the additional item charge.) Here's a breakdown: 1) Vendor #1 5.00 2) Vendor #2 7.50 3) Vendor #3 10.00 That has already been accomplished ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What if this happens? A customer orders 3 items, 1 from each vendor. I would like for the total shipping cost to be calculated like this: 10.00 shipping for the item ordered from Vendor #3. It will be the starting shipping cost because it's the highest +1.50 additional item ordered from Vendor #1 +1.50 additional item ordered from Vendor #2 ____________________________________ 13.00 for the total shipping costs I believe that will be a good compromise between the shop owner and the customer on the costs of shipping. However, the shop owner will have the option to take a loss on the shipping costs OR figure a way to make up for the loss in shipping costs. Has this been accomplished? It will take forever to read through 233 pages. Thanks for reading.
  4. @@rpdesign I'm still having difficulties getting this to work as I would like it. To me it seems like this is 2 separate shipping modules inter-weaved into a big one. Your logic is very complex, which makes you a genius. Please allow me to make some suggestions. I figure it would be easier if you broke SSPP into two modules but rolled up in one package. For example, have a SSPP for flat rates and a SSPP for table rates. I think that would be less confusing and you can get rid of some of the default settings. With the SSPP for flat rates, site owners can set different rates for categories and/or products. You can also set an "additional item" feature with flat rate shipping. With SSPP for table rates, different table rates for categories and/or products can be set. I wouldn't dare ask you to abandon this project, it will be great once you iron out all the wrinkles. I was thinking if you broke it down into two separate shipping modules, shop owners could choose which one that better suits their needs. As for me, what I'm looking for is to set different flat rates for each category and then add an item for an additional fee. For example, I add a book for $4.95 shipping and then I add a DVD for $1.50 more OR add 2 items from the same category and add on an additional fee. Check out this. I hope I didn't offend you but I was hoping to give you another angle to tackle this. Keep up the good work.!!!!
  5. discxpress

    Enhanced Contact Us for 2.3.1

    @@Mort-lemur Thanks for this fine contribution. Everything seems to work fine. When an email is sent from the contact us page, this is how it shows up: MESSAGE_FROMxoxoxo Date Sent: 20 Feb 2014 22:19:19 MAIL_IPxx.xx.xx.xxx Message: test number two How to get "MESSAGE_FROM" and "MAIL_IP" to look like "Message From:" and "At IP:"? Thanks
  6. discxpress

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Jack for some reason when I logged in to the admin and switched to Alternate and re-ran the script they all failed. Then I switched back to Standard and run the script again they were all created successfully. ALSO the script rendered the correct amount of sitemapproducts.xml links. So I guess you can disregard my previous posts unless that's a red flag of some sort. Thanks.
  7. discxpress

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    @@Jack_mcs I don't know if this has been mentioned before or I've used the wrong keywords to search. But when I run the script for the sitemaps they all are created successfully however the sitemapindex.xml renders links for sitemapproducts1.xml, sitemapproducts2.xml, and sitemapproducts3.xml. At the moment, I have only like 1200 products so the 3 mentioned product sitemaps aren't needed yet. This is causing Google to look for them when I submit the sitemapindex.xml in Webmaster Tools. Thanks.
  8. discxpress

    Links Manager II

    @@Jack_mcs I found the solution: in admin/includes/boxes/links.php change: array( 'code' => FILENAME_LINKS_CATEGORIES, 'title' => BOX_LINKS_LINK_CATEGORIES, 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_LINKS_CATEGORIES) ), to array( 'code' => FILENAME_LINK_CATEGORIES, 'title' => BOX_LINKS_LINK_CATEGORIES, 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_LINK_CATEGORIES) ), Simply remove the 2 S and issue resolved!
  9. discxpress

    Links Manager II

    @@Jack_mcs I get this error when I click the link to open link_categories in admin: The requested URL /username/admin/FILENAME_LINKS_CATEGORIES was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. @@dhooper said there was a typo but she didn't mention where and how she fixed it. Thanks
  10. discxpress

    [Addon] Generic Box

    @@kymation Has anyone figured out how to display an image in the box? I've tried everything in this thread. I don't have CKEditor installed. I appreciate any help you give. Thanks
  11. @@kymation @@joli1811 @@altoid One suggestion for shops with a lot of subcategories would be to load all the subcats in one box something like eBay's everything else category. Of course all the subcats will be linked. I'm not sure if the coding would be an inconvenience but that would help with larger shops. Thanks for the great contrib.
  12. discxpress

    [Addon} Superfish Categories Box

    @@kymation I installed this contribution and it's working except I need help with styling. I would like to make the content that lists the categories just as wide as the box header. And I would like to adjust the background colors of the top level categories. Thanks
  13. discxpress

    Product listing

    Hello @@FWR Media I just installed this mod and it works great. Except on the index page where broken images are displayed. Please tell me what settings in admin I need to check or any code in the index page. I use OSC 2.3.3 Thanks
  14. Sorry I been busy putting the finishing touches on my website. The more I get to understanding your contribution the easier it gets. Shipping costs will be one of the final configurations I'll make. I've been thinking.... You think maybe you could add an additional cost feature later. For example, Item A shipping is $2.99 then add items B, C, D and so on for $1.50 each
  15. It would be great when I figure how to pull p_rate from the shipping_rates table and display it on product pages. I know it's maybe a few lines of code but I don't know where to start.
  16. Great!!!! I looked again at the CSV file I exported from shipping_rates table and I see that it indeed goes by products_id. So now I can assign shipping rates to the products by their ids and voila! And the news about easy populate is great also. Looking forward to it. Make sure you when you get the Easy Populate program to work with your creation, upload it to the addons section as a separate package don't allow outside files to be uploaded. I've seen several great programs get slaughtered like that. LOL Much appreciation for your support!
  17. I did read the files but needed a little more understanding. My coding and dealing with databases is very amateur. Judging by your detailed description, the products table will export product ids out in the same order as the shipping rates table and all I have to do is match my proposed shipping rates to the product ids while keeping my 2 exports separate. Then once I get my shipping rates set I just import the CSV file back into the shipping rates table. I hope I understand what you were saying. Thanks again.
  18. Your CSV idea is what make your contribution great. The only thing is if I have 2500 or more products and I download an SSPP file to make some edits to shipping costs to a few products. How will I know which products I'm editing without a Product ID, a product title or product model? Thanks
  19. Would you by any chance know how to display the shipping rates on the product page? I was thinking something like: <?php echo ($product_info['p_rate']); ?> or similar. I looked at the csv files. Will I be able to amend that p_rate column to a CSV file that I import into my shop? Easy populate may not recognize that column. Thanks
  20. @ It looks like it's working well. I don't mean to impose a challenge on you so early in the game but here it is. A lot of people that use oscommerce sell hundreds maybe thousands of products. We use a program named Easy Populate. This program allows us to populate our shops with several items at once by way of a spreadsheet. It would be super if you could get your contribution to work with Easy Populate so a shop owner can populate several products at once with their shipping prices already attached to the products. Just a thought. Thanks
  21. I believe you done it!!!!!! It worked like a charm.
  22. That file structure doesn't exist in version 2.3.3 I've made that correct in separate.php already. Thanks.
  23. Yes my admin looks exactly like that. You're on the edge of a really monumental contribution. Even the best modules' support threads be over 100 pages deep. So I believe this is the beginning of something huge. And the best part of about it you're providing support. I will do the edits in your last poat to see what happens
  24. I figured it out (I think). It does work until I set individual shipping for an individual product is when the error occurs. Keep your settings as you suggested then pick a random product and set a shipping price for that one item.
  25. Is it possible for you to let me use your file for 2.3.3 so I can see if there's a difference?