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  1. Hello. Are you planning to release to public or for your purposes? I'm seeking a basic wishlist addon and maybr add a few features Thanks
  2. @raiwa do you know of any known conflicts with Phoenix or any of Jack's addons like Header Tags SEO, Ultimate SEO Urls or Sitemap SEO? The reason I ask is when I add a product to cart, I fill out the form then check the Google Recaptcha box then click continue button I'm taken to login.php page. Or maybe there's an issue with recaptcha...
  3. Yes I have PWA Keep Account module installed. When you have time check for yourself https://melophilemp3.com/account_pwa.php Thankd for your time
  4. @raiwa I use the latest version of Phoenix and latest version of PWA. When completing the form on account_pwa.php and click the continue button it just refreshes and return to the same page. Please advise what needs to be checked. Thanks.
  5. discxpress

    Instant Discount

    @Jack_mcs great addon from a legend. Maybe on a future update you can do this: 1. customer enters website from search engine 2. on the product page is a badge "X% off click here" displayed in clear view with your timer 3. visitor click on badge and a box pops up 4. visitor enters email address and instant discount applied 5. have an instant and future customer signed up for future offers. A great way to build email marketing list 6. use a cookie to identify customer so the discount is one time An example is here. Let me know your thoughts
  6. discxpress

    Anyone made a module for Afterpay or Zippay (Australia)

    @douglaswalker @frankl @rudolfl Klarna is an alternative to Afterpay and Zippay. They offer access to developer documents online. I'm not sure if they support Australia merchants. Here's a link to developer's page: https://developers.klarna.com/?_gl=1*1asjdvl*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE1Nzg0NzEwNzIuQ2owS0NRaUE5ZER3QlJDOUFSSXNBQmJlZEJOcG82MTc2QVhpN2pveEh4Z29PRWc4UW5QS2MtdjlmWmdDd1ZzUWJ1S0xxSFF3emRwNm01b2FBbzRjRUFMd193Y0I.&_ga=2.75802005.1420519424.1578470704-1587031907.1578470704&_gac=1.80163941.1578471148.Cj0KCQiA9dDwBRC9ARIsABbedBNpo6176AXi7joxHxgoOEg8QnPKc-v9fZgCwVsQbuKLqHQwzdp6m5oaAo4cEALw_wcB
  7. Ok I can't get the PWA block to appear on the login page
  8. @raiwa I tried again and no luck. I downloaded version PWA_Phoenix_4.0.1 and installed files from Phoenix_1.0.4.0+ You can see the version that say installed in the screenshot
  9. Yes it's the same for Stripe
  10. I've already checked. Stripe is not on there
  11. @JcMagpie I use Stripe Payments SCA. I believe Stripe install session ID cookies on my site. Does this support Stripe?
  12. @raiwa Thanks I will try again. What is the latest version for Phoenix?
  13. Ok. It didn't happen until I installed PWA
  14. @raiwa i couldn't get PWA to work so I tried to remove it and now I'm getting a database error. Thanks