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  1. has anyone tried out this contrib with osc ms2.2? Column Sort Arrows v.1.2
  2. babylea

    Cost Per Item In Order Total

    why don't you just add a handling fee in your my admin?
  3. maybe i spoke too soon :( i can't open create account in my store and when i click on orders in my admin i am getting the following error: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in /home/audreyc/public_html/boutique/admin/orders.php on line 370 it's quite late so not sure if any brits will be on to help me out but i will 'cautiously' have a look through the files..... not sure that will be possible with the admin/orders.php but will post again if i manage to source the problem. in the meantime if anyone is online that could help me out i would much appreciate it. *I only said brits with this being a uk based contrib.. no offence intended whatsoever
  4. i have installed this contrib and it's great... many many thanks good job! :thumbsup:
  5. i don't really want to start a new thread regarding credit class & gift voucher as it is being discussed here so please forgive me for jumping in. i want to add this contrib to my store but i am getting confused at the download page as there are so many additional components added after the original contrib and i can't figure out which to download and install, can anyone advice me on this if they get a minute please?
  6. i have seen a few order number contribs and wondered which anyone would recommend if they had tried any or are currently using one?? i would like to add this to my store but not sure which to choose.
  7. babylea

    Verfiy Credit Card

    thanks for verifying tom
  8. babylea

    Verfiy Credit Card

    apologies for jumping in on this post but is it right that you need to have a 3rd party processor for the actual transaction and cannot run the cc.php module alone for payments?
  9. babylea

    purchase without account

    thanks very much! i just figured that out but i am now getting an error when i install the sql file into php my admin... if it's not one thing it's another hey?! lol
  10. i am installing pwa but i am not sure where i am supposed to be placing the guestmod.sql file anyone help me with this? please