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  1. I got everithing mentioned above engine safe url's ON. Hmmm, i turned it OFF now. But now everyone clicking a direct link gets a screen saying "product not found"....have to wait for google spider again to pick up the correct links. Thanks for the help...hope it helps...
  2. My site is correctly spidered by google, i got over 900 links thanks to the session id killer. If people find me in google and click on the link the go to the page with the product on it. If they press the "order product" button there the cart stays empty. So people have to go to the default page and then go back to the product to get it into the cart. Is my conclusion that the session id is applied at the defeault page the right one? A sollution for this? Anybody can relate to this? Greetings...
  3. Is it with this paypal modification possible to see the amount in Euro's instead of Dollars? And also is it possible to see the PayPal page in the Dutch or other then english language? Pablo....Thanks a million for this contribution!
  4. i will do that for sure, but not at this moment, too busy launching the site...sorry
  5. i modificated the code to not show the selection box if the want to be a member or not. instead if customers enter a password they become automaticaly a member. if they do not enter a password they are a non-member and after a order is made the logoff page is called so their adress etc is lost and cannot be modificated. Also the password is not set if they do not enter one.....for the best security! If they change between member and non member the password is deleted from the database. Maybe this is inspiration for others.....