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  1. i have problem with my wholesale customer. I like to give him different notification about when him can pay his order. because some time I found not all the product which have been on the list of order notification is in our stock. so i will give him another email notification for his fix payment order. cause some time my customer can over paid. may some one can help me to make different note for different customer for email order notification. thanks
  2. I like make different cost for shippment between my retail and wholesale customer group. any body can help me? thanks
  3. I think is more simple to set real price in product attribute for the admin and also make the customer more simple to know the real price in product_info. Please helpme to solve this problem. thanks
  4. i have the problem on SPPC_Price_Break_v2_0 in product_listing.php. The wholesale price appear as a netto retail prices and the icon button buy_now appear double. this is really serious matter. Please help ASAP. my site is katahati.de


  5. if (PRODUCT_LIST_PRICE > 0) {

    I didn't find this phrase in product_listing.php I search this in include/module/product_listing.php. where I can find it! please tell me the truth?