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    osC_Categories MS2-2.2

    Hi all, I hope someone can help, (Im a bit of a newbie) Ive tried installing this contribution twice (2nd time on a clean install of Oscommerce) but I cant get it to work. First of all I installed the Advanced Cache Class contribution. Then I uploaded the /ext folder from this contribution, along with the categories.php files which came with this contrib. (for the categories.php file which goes in Includes/boxes, I tried both integrating it with the existing file (which had no effect on the categories box) and also just replacing it entirely (which just created an empty categories box with no menu)) I wasnt sure whether to upload the DS_STORE files but tried that as well. I followed the rest of the install instructions but to no avail. I experimented with the path in catalog/ext/jscookmenu/ThemePanel/theme.js (ie. tried putting the full path including the web address, also tried the full path given to me by my hosting company as well as just replacing catalg with my own install folder etc.) I also tried experimenting with: define('DIR_WS_EXT', DIR_WS_CATALOG . 'ext/'); in Includes/clases/categories by trying to change catalog for my install folder. But to be honest Im no expert! :( When looking at the page source in a browser, it seems to be calling javascript in the categories box, but Im just getting no menus, only an empty box (tried both IE and Firefox). Im sorry for being such a newbie, but id really like to get this contribution on my site and would appreciate any help that any one can provide, Many Thanks, Ida. :blush: PS. I am using the latest version of this contrib, updated by Bill Robinson