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  1. soonerash

    authorize.net won't display errors

    Where do we find where the declined URL is defined? I can't find that option in the authorizenet settings area. I have search all over the forums and I can not find anywhere how to get the error that is in the URL to be displayed on the page the customer gets returned to when their card is declined for any reason. If the card data is entered correctly and the card is not declined, I get orders to go through fine. Otherwise, when the customer clicks "order confirmation" they get looped back to checkout_payment.php with errors only up in the url!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Much Thanks, Ashley
  2. soonerash

    checkout_shipping looping

    Well, I figured out a solution. I kept wondering if part of the problem was due to there being no shipping module installed. I didn't want to add one since I assumed the site's owner had set it up that way for a reason. Well, in my frustration I went with my original idea and installed the flat rate shipping module, disabled it by selecting False for the do I want to use this module question (Admin area Shipping Module Edit screen) and now everything is working fine for all products. It is still really odd that before the module installation that some products were able to go through to payment without any issues....I guess I'll never know why. Anyway, I thought I would post what worked for my situation since there seems to be no solutions on the forum for this problem (which has been mentioned quite a bit on here). Hope it helps. Ash
  3. soonerash

    checkout_shipping looping

    I am not wanting to skip the checkout_shipping page all together since the products aren't "virtual". The customers need the option to change the shipping address if it is to be different the one entered when the account was created. I have verified that the product's weight is set to zero. No shipping module is installed. I thought there might be a problem with the html used in the products description however when I completely removed the text in that field, the problem remained. It is acting like it is expecting a shipping option to be selected by the user, however there are no options on the checkout_shipping.php page for the customer to select. I can't figure out why some products are going through just fine and others are getting hung on the checkout_shipping page....in the admin area and the database, there isn't any difference to how he added the product. I tried commenting out the code in checkout_payment.php that does a redirect to checkout_shipping.php, however that too did not work...
  4. soonerash

    checkout_shipping looping

    I'm helping a friend out who is having a problem with the checkout_shipping.php page looping when a customer is trying to check out. I think the redirect is happening when the checkout_payment.php file hits this condition: // if no shipping method has been selected, redirect the customer to the shipping method selection page if (!tep_session_is_registered('shipping')) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SHIPPING, '', 'SSL')); } The odd thing is that my friend says he is not using a shipping module. He says he has the shipping built into the product's price. Some items selected and placed into the shopping cart get past that page to checkout_payment.php with no problems, however some items cause the looping. I have noticed that the products that are causing the looping at checkout are ones that have more detailed product descriptions with a couple of extra images imbedded into the product description. I have not looked at the products information in the Admin area yet. If a product has a weight greater than 0 (I'm wondering if the weight for some of his products may have been accidentally changed from 0) and a store doesn't have a shipping module selected, could that possibly cause the looping? Or could there be a problem with the way he modified the product description? Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Ashley