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  1. Hello, I have managed to get this working for all cases. I must say that neither the code posted in the contribution nor the updates posted here are entirely correct. I used the contribution then updated it with the code post in this thread. However the error that the options to select international shipping methods is still not showing on the admin configuration page and when I select edit for the module I still get the error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in /home/directory/directory/catalog/admin/modules.php(225) : eval()'d code on line 1 I had to insert the international shipping methods by hand in myphp admin. It would be nice to get a final correct edit of this posted to the contribution page. I am willing to give my code to anyone willing to work on that. I would also be nice to get a fix in place to be able to sort this out from the oscommerce admin the next time that USPS screws us. Cheers
  2. Well I seem to have gotten it to work sort of but there are no options to select an international shipping method. Domestic Shipping Methods Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, Media Mail Domstic First-Class Threshold 0, 3.5, 3.5, 10, 10, 13, 0, 13 Domstic Priority Mail Threshold 0, 70, 0, 70, 0, 70 Domstic Other Mail Threshold 0, 0, 0, 70, 0, 70, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 70, 0, 70 Int'l Shipping Methods US/Canada $.01-$50.00 $1.75 US/Canada $50.01-$100.00 $2.25 US/Canada $100.01-$200.00 $2.75 US/Canada $200.01-$300.00 $4.70 US/Canada per $100 over $300 $1.00 Insure Tax False
  3. Ok what a nightmare. Super pissed at usps now. If there was an alternative I'd switch to the other service in a heartbeat. Current error. Seems that there is a conflict with superdownload shop contribution. // USPS Methods 3.0 // Alias function for Store configuration values in the Administration Tool function tep_cfg_select_multioption($select_array, $key_value, $key = '') { for ($i=0; $i<sizeof($select_array); $i++) { $name = (($key) ? 'configuration[' . $key . '][]' : 'configuration_value'); $string .= '<br><input type="checkbox" name="' . $name . '" value="' . $select_array[$i] . '"'; $key_values = explode( ", ", $key_value); if ( in_array($select_array[$i], $key_values) ) $string .= ' CHECKED'; $string .= '> ' . $select_array[$i]; } $string .= '<input type="hidden" name="' . $name . '" value="--none--">'; return $string; } and // BOF: WebMakers.com Added: Downloads Controller // Alias function for array of configuration values in the Administration Tool function tep_cfg_select_multioption($select_array, $key_value, $key = '') { for ($i=0; $i<sizeof($select_array); $i++) { $name = (($key) ? 'configuration[' . $key . '][]' : 'configuration_value'); $string .= '<br><input type="checkbox" name="' . $name . '" value="' . $select_array[$i] . '"'; $key_values = explode( ", ", $key_value); if ( in_array($select_array[$i], $key_values) ) $string .= 'CHECKED'; $string .= '> ' . $select_array[$i]; } return $string; } Really some help on this would be nice. Anyone have a list where tep_cfg_select_multioption is used in USPS methods so that I can change the name? thanks
  4. Hello again, I performed the SQL UPDATE configuration SET configuration_value = UPPER(configuration_value), set_function='tep_cfg_select_multioption(array(''GLOBAL EXPRESS'', ''GLOBAL EXPRESS NON-DOC RECT'', ''GLOBAL EXPRESS NON-DOC NON-RECT'', ''EXPRESS MAIL INT'', ''EXPRESS MAIL INT FLAT RATE ENV'', ''PRIORITY MAIL INT'', ''PRIORITY MAIL INT FLAT RATE ENV'', ''PRIORITY MAIL INT FLAT RATE BOX'', ''FIRST-CLASS MAIL INT''), ' WHERE configuration_key='MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TYPES_INTL'; UPDATE configuration SET configuration_value = UPPER(configuration_value), set_function='tep_cfg_select_multioption(array(''EXPRESS'', ''PRIORITY'', ''FIRST CLASS'', ''PARCEL'', ''BPM'', ''LIBRARY'', ''MEDIA''), ' WHERE configuration_key='MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TYPES'; And I am still getting the error Does anyone know if there was an update to this module in the past that included and edit to the admin/modules.php file? Thanks
  5. Ok my bad. I should have read the installation instructions. The SQL update is in there
  6. I found this line 240 in catalog/modules/shipping/usps.php that has the code that created the error but I am not sure what to edit it to to correct it. tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, set_function, date_added) values ('Enter the USPS User ID', 'MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_USERID', 'NONE, NONE', 'Enter the USPS USERID assigned to you. <u>You must contact USPS to have them switch you to the Production server.</u> Otherwise this module will not work!', '6', '0', 'tep_cfg_multiinput_list(array(\'ID\', \'Password\'), ', now())"); Suggestions would be much appreciated. It is the "tep_cfg_multiinput_list that is causing the error. thanks
  7. I installed the updated module when I went to edit it I got the following error Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_cfg_multiinput_list() in /home/directory/directory/catalog/admin/modules.php(225) : eval()'d code on line 1 If any one has some immediate replies to this error I would be most appreciative. thanks
  8. christiansees

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Hello, Also for the version Oct 2008 catalog/admin/product_attributes.php show an undefined line TABLE_HEADING_OPT_SORT_ORDER Christian
  9. Hello All, Well this contribution is amazing, and amazingly FUBAR. I would like to thank JimbobobHacker2 For his latest posts to the contribution page. However the instructions there specifically for the Jan 28th fixes seem incomplete. How ever if you check that page there are two instances of one on line 166 and one on line 307. It seems that the first instance is incorrect and that the second is. So I left the second one there.Would JimbobobHacker2 or anyone else care to comment? Thanks Christian
  10. Ok the fix is on line 64 you'll see $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id($insert_query); change that to: $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id(); and you're good to go
  11. christiansees

    Pay Pal Making Changes - Will These Effect our Modules?

    Hi All, Still wondering about this topic, is it just a moot point by now? As to being "completely over paypal". All I can say is so am I, I mean what a bunch of highway bandits with their fees and all. Only problem is that the customers aren't
  12. Hello Again, Another error that I am getting is on the page catalog/admin/gv_mail.php is Is there another version or contribution with the same functionality that works that I should be using? Thanks a lot for your time Christian
  13. Hello All, I am glad to see at least a little support for this contribution, since it seems that the original creator hasn't logged in since 2003. I am having the same problem that is listed in posts 228, 375, 394, and 399, none of which seem to have a reply. That is that the admin modules do not display so I am not able to install or configure the contribution. I was hoping that the fix posted by lildog might help but there is no catalog/admin/includes/classes/order_total.php so I wonder what was meant by that page? I am working with osc MS2.2 RC2a with a lot of contributions including Paypal IPN the official release, and php5 on the server, and CCGV5.20_1. Does anyone with that configuration have this working. Or is there a more current thread to get support? I have read through this one twice. Thanks a lot.
  14. christiansees

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. After reading hundreds of pages of forum posts I have to say that I can not use CCGV(Trad). Reasons: It is not php 5 compatible. It is not Paypal IPN 2.xx compatible. It is not OsCommerce MS2.2 rc2a compatible. While I appreciate the contributors unwillingness to sway with every last whim of the crowd it seems unreasonable to not keep the code updated to the latest security developments. I guess I'll keep looking. Thanks Christian
  15. christiansees

    Pay Pal Making Changes - Will These Effect our Modules?

    Seems like there would be some kind of information by now