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  1. Hi there, No ... not running on a local host ! Just testing on the main server. I will give this a go when I have a free moment. Have to install a few things first. Regards Paul
  2. Hi, I have searched throught these forums and haven't found a specific answer to my problem. Perhaps someone can help. I have Win2k, IIS as my web server. Am using standard MS2 and have downloaded Easypopulate 2.61.1 (ie the fixed version) I have tried downloading the default data and then repopulating the store with this data but everything I try results in a blank page without any error message to say what has happen ... or in my case what hasn't happened. No data is imported. I think its windows specific, as everyone else does not to be having the issue. I also think it's do do with how the paths are set. I've tried leaving it at the default settings, tried changing it to absolute paths eg "c:/webs/site/catalog/temp/" tried "c://webs//site//catalog//temp//". I've even reversing the "/ " to "" but nothing seems to help. Does anyone have a solution ? There are a number of posts in the forum but no one seems able to answer the question. Any ideas ? Paul
  3. Just done another order, originating from a banner on my site with ref=45. Confirmation email was Order Number 97. Still only 1 transaction recorded on the Summary (from the 3 order made). I've cleared my cache, logged out of the affiliate area and logged back in. Would it make any difference being logged into your OSC shop as a customer at the same time ? Paul
  4. Hi there, Have just re-signed up (new ID of 45). I've made two separate purchases going via my affiliate banner: The affiliate admin shows only 1 transaction and 19 visits: Bit odd considering i've only made 2 visits and bought 2 items: Order No: 93 and 94. Is this to do with the "spaces" or have I broken it :-) Paul Impressions: [?] n/a Visits: [?] 19 Transactions: [?] 1 Conversion: [?] 19% Amount: [?] $669.97AUD Average: [?] $67.00AUD Clickthrough Rate: [?] $0.01AUD Pay Per Sale Rate: [?] $5.00AUD Commission Rate: [?] 10.0000% Commission: [?] $67.00AUD
  5. I was using Win2k/SP3 IE6/SP1 ... nothing special !! Just as a matter of interest, I've tried to log back into the affiliate area .. and can't. Mental block on the username. Tried everything I thought I'd used ! Also tried the "forgotten my password" and it can't find me. Have you cleared the database ? ... and before you ask I did use the right email address ! Paul
  6. Hi, How does the "Visits" work ? I have clicked though only once from my banner on my site, so should the "visit" counter be "1" or higher. It's currently sitting at 15 and increasing each time I view another page. I also signed up for the affiliate scheme as ref=37, bought a couple of things and received no commission !! When does the commission become active? Immediately, or when you have approved the order ? I also got a load of php warnings on the checkout (inserted as comments in my order). I presume you know about these though :-) Regards Paul
  7. Paul

    breadcrumbs for non osC pages

    Did anyone have an answer to this question ? I'm having a similar struggle. It can be "hard coded", but this is not exactly what is wanted. Paul