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  1. When I click a link it will pop up but will not go to the right URL. My problem is this is what my redirect.php file looks like: <?php header ('Location: order_info.php?osCsid='.$HTTP_GET_VARS['osCsid']); ?> In the Read Me file it says to add this code to your catalog/redirect.php file:
  2. jtr24

    How do you install a ssl cert?

    How do you install a ssl cert?
  3. jtr24

    Authorize.net secure?

    How do I get one?
  4. jtr24

    Authorize.net secure?

    How do I make it secure for the authorize.net module? They are holding the transactions until we make it secure.
  5. How do I instal osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.1 For 2.2MS2???
  6. jtr24


    How do you make it so that the quantity automatically changes when you push the "continue" instead of pushing the "update" button?
  7. What is the Shopping Cart Solution when siging up for authorize.net? please reply asap so we can get the site up
  8. jtr24

    what is Shopping Cart Solution in authorize.net?

    When you are setting the authorize.net how do you find the transaction key?
  9. jtr24

    what is Shopping Cart Solution in authorize.net?

    I copied the page i was on and I was wondering how to know all of that information?
  10. jtr24

    Paypal Certificates

    How do u make your own certificate for paypal ipn?
  11. jtr24

    Paypal Certificates

    Ok I used the cpanel to make the keys and ceritificates how do I upload to the paypal site??
  12. When i log in to the admin payment module it says this?. :blink: what does that mean? i checked line 118 but im not sure if it is good code or not
  13. I looked at the file and im still lost anybody help? I am a newbie
  14. I am having trouble installing the osCommerce-PayPal_IPN-v1.1. I have read the support file and still i am lost.
  15. jtr24

    How to instal?

    How do you install the files on to your account?
  16. I was wondering if anybody new how to get pay pal as a payment module on your site? I have signed up for a business account with paypal.
  17. When you enable the paypal module do you have to register with paypal? or Does it automatically set up through your os commerce account?
  18. jtr24

    Do you have to set up account with paypal?

    Thank you wendyjames :D