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    OSC Affiliate Problem

    Hi all, I have installed this mod, and everything works fine except for the banners. The banners show up in the admin section, but when you go to choose one in the affilliate banner options, (to go on your site), they do not show. The link shows, as does the image placeholder, and the link works fine. The path to the image is fine as well. Is this something to do with my bannes being flash banners? I have added the flash contribution successfully, and flash works ok on all the other pages. I'm out of ideas. Tried searching the forums and i have tried adjusting code and options, but to no avail! Thanks in Advance, Steve
  2. Stevis2002

    Links Manager II

    Thanks Jack, but all my other pages are fine, but this one page just says 'Default title' in the title bar
  3. Stevis2002

    Links Manager II

    Hello, Please can you tell me how to change the text in the internet window title bar from default title please? Thanks
  4. Stevis2002

    This invoice has already been paid error

    I've started a post on this, as i can't seem to resolve the problem either....try what they suggest here, although it didn't help me http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=342674
  5. Stevis2002

    Strange zones problem?!?

    It's ok now. thanks all, found answer here http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...4&hl=weight
  6. Stevis2002

    Strange zones problem?!?

    Hi all, when i am using the zone rates shipping module, it gives me strange outputs. My settings are... GB 1:0.99,3:1.99,5:2.49,10:3.99,20:4.99,50:7.99,100:11.99 AT,BE,NL,DE,FR,GL,IS,IE,IT,NO,DK,PL,ES,SE,CH,FI,PT,IL,GR 1:1.99,3:2.99,5:3.99,10:5.99,20:7.99,50:13.99,100:17.99 All Others 1:1.99,3:2.99,5:3.99,10:5.99,20:7.99,50:13.99,100:17.99 Now, when i add stuff to my cart, which weighs 1kg/lb, the shipping module is using the price for the weight. Is it possible to use the weight of the items for the shipping instead of the price, as there isn't an option for this in the module? Thanks, Steve BTW, i am using the zonesworld V2 contribution
  7. Stevis2002

    Strange zones problem?!?

    Ok, for some reason it is adding an extra ilb or kg, depending on module i try, to the item weight? Anybody help me now please?
  8. Stevis2002

    Strange zones problem?!?

    Realised that when i change the first weight to 1.5, and the item is 1, then it says it weighs 2lbs in the checkout page?
  9. Stevis2002

    Strange zones problem?!?

  10. Stevis2002

    RSS News Feed v0.9

    Hello all, The news feed works fine in ie, but when i looked at it in Firefox, the text was starting from a position too low, and hence scrolling across the bottom of the rss infobox and then halfway up the box. Any suggestions on how i can fix this please? Thanks, Steve
  11. Hi all, I Installed the cname/ pname contribution and all went well, until i clicked on the main categories. Some worked fine, (Gaming Figures etc), and others messed up when i clicked on them and wouldn't load properly, (nintendo ds etc). Please can anybody let me know what has gone wrong? This is a live store. Thanks, Steve console-heaven.net
  12. Can anybody help me with this sql error? I did the fix.... $wishlist_query_raw = "select * from " . TABLE_WISHLIST . " where customers_id = '" . $customer_id . "' order by products_name"; but i still get the following error.... 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-12, 12' at line 1 select * from customers_wishlist where customers_id = '2' order by products_name limit -12, 12 Any Ideas?? Thanks, Steve
  13. I'm getting this problem too. Did you manage to fix it, as i also see no buttons or html editor options when trying to add a new product. Thanks, Steve
  14. Stevis2002

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    The reason i wished to do this is so that i can give customers an itemized receipt/invoice, and so it will make admin easier
  15. Stevis2002

    Help With 2CO

    Sorry mate, I can't help you. I tried and tried with 2CO and kept bouncing from one error to another....so i eventually gave up after gaining the mother of all headaches!!
  16. Stevis2002

    SEO Assistant

    Any idea why the every page in the reports in admin is now titling Search Engine Rankings? I also have the problem with not been seen, when i am? Thanks, Steve
  17. Stevis2002

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    Can i ask you....How do you create a valid product list download from your osc, which can then be uploaded to 2checkout? Thanks, Steve
  18. Stevis2002

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    How do you know it's wrong? Are you sure that the problem isn't an extra tab?
  19. How can i get the Live Support button to come up with a online, or offline text, depending if a sales advisor, or somebody else the admin side is logged in to the chat client or not? Thanks, Steve
  20. Stevis2002

    Do i include 2 modules?

    Hi all, I am searching around for a good bureau service, which doesn't cost a fortune in fees (Worldpay), and which isn't a pain in the rear to install, upload products etc, (2checkout). Until then i was wondering the best way to process checkout. I have been using Paypal, but it seems to be turning customers off ordering. I have been thinking about giving the customers another choice, alongside Paypal, Nochex. I have these reservations which i need your advice on.... Customers new to the whole 3rd party processing company thing, may have heard of Paypal, for various reasons, but i don't know if they will have heard of Nochex, and vice-versa. If i offer the 2 modules for the customer to choose from, will they just get confused, or do you think it will give more variety? Thanks for any help & advice, Steve
  21. Stevis2002

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    Ok, I have now unsigned up again lol What a complete load of toss! <starts searching again>
  22. Stevis2002

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    Ok, I have signed up......Right or Wrong, i did it, But how the hell do i get the right kind of csv file with my products in? I tried froogle feed, no good, i tried easy populate, errors...name missing blah blah....Can somebody please help. I'm an absolute beginner with 2co. Thanks, Steve
  23. Stevis2002

    Using easy populate to create

  24. Will somebody please, please help me out? I am trying to get a file full of my products and descriptions etc etc, by using easy populate, to upload to 2checkout. I have a few products with attributes as well, but i can't seem to get the file right. Will somebody please help me coz i have a whacking headache now, and i have been trying to do this one thing for approx 5 hours now! Thanks, Steve
  25. Stevis2002

    Email Invoice 1.0

    Ok, it's looking good apart from it's a bit on the big side, and the definition text isn't working....eg....INVOICE_TEXT_INVOICE INVOICE_TEXT_NUMBER_SIGN INVOICE_TEXT_CURRENT_YEARINVOICE_TEXT_DASH 19 Thanks, Steve