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    Paypal and shipping address

    Not true. It is passed. The real problem here is that PayPal will show the billing address and the shipping address and if the customer changes any address information within PayPal then this new info WILL NOT get passed back to osC. Not a good thing ! RonR
  2. Now I'm confused Scott. Please excuse me if I've gotten off track here. This is the statement that I'm trying to understand and find a fix: I have the exact same problem with the "osC PayPal IPN module". If we are talking about the same thing then I have no idea where this is: "in the Customer Order Confirm page of osC." Thanks for the assistance ! RonR
  3. ronr1999

    Paypal and shipping address

    Just to clarify... I'm using osCommerce PayPal IPN Module and this is where I see the issue with the Shipping Address. And I've looked and searched and spend many hours and I do not see any work-around for this issue. Again, the issue is that it's possible for the customer to change the shipping address in PayPal and this info does not get passed back. I'd rather see no shipping address at all when they go to PayPal. RonR
  4. Are you saying an Edit link in PayPal ? And, how does one do this... ?? RonR
  5. ronr1999

    Which PayPal IPN Module?

    I'm only selling in the U.S. and have been evaluating: osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2. I have it all setup and working and now find that the billing address is not being passed and the customer has to re-enter. Not acceptable. Looking at the contributions I see numerous different IPN modules: PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN 2.2-CVS Paypal Express Checkout 1.0 Alpha 2.2-CVS osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2 2.2-CVS PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN_v2.6a (addon only) 2.2-CVS PayPal IPN v0.981 for Milestone 2 2.2-CVS 10 Jul 2004 Updated PayPal Payment Screen 2.2-CVS 3 Jul 2004 PayPal IPN Gateway for osCommerce 2.2-CVS 10 Mar 2004 PayPal IPN v0.98 for Milestone 2 2.2-CVS 14 Jul 2003 PayPal IPN Which one of these will pass the address? (too many modules, too little time !!) RonR
  6. ronr1999

    Which PayPal IPN Module?

    [bump...] Anyone ?
  7. ronr1999

    Paypal and shipping address

    I'm doing exactly the same and seeing the same re-enter of addresses. This is not acceptable and I will be looking at other options. RonR
  8. I've searched the contrib and forums and can't seem to find a solution. I want to set up a cron job to extract the daily customer order information and then email (simple flat file) to my warehouse so that they can ship the next day. This is a third party warehouse so I don't want them directly accessing my db. I'm surprised that osC doesn't have this and please, please excuse me if this is available and I've just missed it ! I'm not a programmer but I do a good job of figuring out most code. Thanks in advance ! RonR