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    USPS Shipping

    I am working with USPS for shipping and want to get a shipping module that will work. The one I have now seems to not work, and I have been told USPS no longer requires a password - and this module has a field for it. Leaving it blank doesn't seem to work either. Still getting errors: United States Postal Service United States Postal Service An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations. If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner. Wondering what to go for next? What are you using? Thanks in advance! --Jeff
  2. HDLLC

    Getting USPS Shipping going...

    Okay... That's a good place to start. =^) So... I tried pulling the password (blank) - and nothing again. What is the best contribution for USPS to use? I'm at a loss. I have their assigned User ID entered... Thinking I need an up-to-date module for this. Any suggestions...? Thanks! --HD
  3. I'm looking for the same thing - but seeing confusing posts about problems here and there... Being new to OSC, I would benefit from something that won't present a lot of problems out of the box. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks in advance! --HD
  4. Hi- I'm new to osCommerce - but have a store running and has been taking orders utilizing the PayPal IPN... It's been working for the better part of 8 months without a hitch. This past week - on the 10th to be exact - I started getting multiple email messages from the debugger. These go on for days. I got another one this morning for an order taken on the 10th - which is probably number 20 since the original order was taken. To boot - the notification for orders quit working at the same time... Related? Not sure. Any ideas? Is there a recent update to the module that might fix this? Thanks in advance! --Jeff
  5. No ideas or input from anyone else, eh??? ISP says no changes... I'm at a loss - was hoping someone might have a similar problem. Thanks! --Jeff
  6. Okay... I've done some further testing and I get the order notifications if I choose check/MO instead of PayPal. All works there. Not getting the order notifications if I pay via PayPal... And - still getting those IPN messages almost a week later. I'm thinking that this might be a PayPal change setting things off? Anyone else experiencing this? I noticed some chatter about this same thing on the CRE forums... Thanks in advance! --HDLLC
  7. Thanks for the info! Well... Number 2 and 3 are out. Hasn't been touched. So - I'll check with my ISP as to any changes there. One thing - I am not the only one reporting this - which leads me to believe that it might be a PayPal change? Anyone thoughts?