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  1. dasonix2000

    worldpay payment problem

    Can anybody offer any advice please. I have tried everything. It seems that the wrong information is now being passed from worldpay to the checkout_process script. Would this have anything to do with the register globals patch I applied. ? THank you
  2. dasonix2000

    Register Globals Support

    are there any known problems between this and any of the worldpay modules?
  3. dasonix2000

    worldpay payment problem

    Hi guys im haveing a major problem after a server move. Worldpay payments seem to be stuck in a loop. this is how its processing checkout_conformation > Worldpay > wpcallback > checkout_process > login screen > checkout starts again. Payment is taken by worldpay but the order isnt created in the store. I have fixed a few problems with the Absolute paths. this has brought the modules back to being visable. But for the life of me I cant work out why the worldpay module is looping. Check payments are working right. PLS PLS PLS help as sooner or later im going to pull what little hair I have out :( Thank you
  4. dasonix2000

    define mainpage 1.2

    hi ther i have a problem with define mainpage contrib since i moved from a vds to a dedicated server last night. The main page is working great for the site index but if i go and try to edit it I get TEXT_FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST errors. I have checked that all the files are there (they all are) I ahve changed the define('DIR_FS_CATALOG', to show the correct root "public_html/" but i still get the TEXT_FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST error. I have done a full search and tryed all the fixes that max dvd recommended. e.g. the ones above and the file permissions fix. im fresh out of ideas. any help would be wonderfull please. thank you all in advance. dasonix
  5. dasonix2000

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Hi there guys, great contrib. I have been useing the since i started my store, but would like to chaneg 1 very small thing but cat seem to ge tto the bottom of it :( I would liek the postal code to be right at the bottom of the address not in the middle. How would i go about changeing this ?
  6. im haveing a slight problem where this contrib is creating files called googlesitemapsitemapindex.xml instead of sitemapindex.xml any ideas ?
  7. dasonix2000

    Recover Cart Sales

    I have this module installed and have a few carts show up that have been processed and payed for. Is there a way to get this mod to move the orders from unprocessed orders to a compleated order status the same as all other compeated orders ?
  8. dasonix2000

    Printable Catalog not updateing

    ok problem solved I just cleared my cache in firefox im a doof :)
  9. Hi there hope somebody can help I have installed Printable catalog and all is great exept that I have added some new products to the store but they dont show up in the printable catalog. has anybody else had this problem, and if so any idea on how to force a update ? TY