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  1. Try changing that query to this (i've substituted in the actual likely variable names in place of the static text, but you may have to proof it when you stick it in to make sure your products_id var is $products_id, or else change $products_id below to what it actually is in your code, i.e. maybe $rInfo->products_id or something like that): select count(*) as total from " . TABLE_REVIEWS . " r join " . TABLE_REVIEWS_DESCRIPTION . " rd on r.reviews_id = rd.reviews_id and rd.languages_id = '" . (int)$language_id . "' left join " . TABLE_REVIEWS_IMAGES . " ri on r.reviews_id = ri.reviews_id and ri.reviews_status = '1' where r.products_id = '" . (int)$products_id . "' Good luck :) Richard.
  2. Sorry about that, yes, MySQL 5 moves more towards a 2003 standard of query syntax, as a result, this query will need to be subtly modified from: // BOF Review Images $reviews_query = tep_db_query("select r.reviews_id, r.products_id, r.customers_name, r.date_added, r.last_modified, r.reviews_read, rd.reviews_text, r.reviews_rating, ri.reviews_image, ri.reviews_status from " . TABLE_REVIEWS . " r, " . TABLE_REVIEWS_DESCRIPTION . " rd left join " . TABLE_REVIEWS_IMAGES . " ri on r.reviews_id = ri.reviews_id where r.reviews_id = '" . (int)$rID . "' and r.reviews_id = rd.reviews_id"); // EOF Review Images To either this: // BOF Review Images $reviews_query = tep_db_query("select r.reviews_id, r.products_id, r.customers_name, r.date_added, r.last_modified, r.reviews_read, rd.reviews_text, r.reviews_rating, ri.reviews_image, ri.reviews_status from (" . TABLE_REVIEWS . " r, " . TABLE_REVIEWS_DESCRIPTION . " rd) left join " . TABLE_REVIEWS_IMAGES . " ri on r.reviews_id = ri.reviews_id where r.reviews_id = '" . (int)$rID . "' and r.reviews_id = rd.reviews_id"); // EOF Review Images Or this: // BOF Review Images $reviews_query = tep_db_query("select r.reviews_id, r.products_id, r.customers_name, r.date_added, r.last_modified, r.reviews_read, rd.reviews_text, r.reviews_rating, ri.reviews_image, ri.reviews_status from " . TABLE_REVIEWS . " r inner join " . TABLE_REVIEWS_DESCRIPTION . " rd on r.reviews_id = rd.reviews_id left join " . TABLE_REVIEWS_IMAGES . " ri on r.reviews_id = ri.reviews_id where r.reviews_id = '" . (int)$rID . "'"); // EOF Review Images Try one of those and see if it starts working for you :) Richard.
  3. Velveeta

    Paypal Express Bug

    Thanks for the info :) I've tweaked his install of the software to accomodate the fact that he's in the UK and using the Display Prices with Tax option, as that was causing problems at paypal's end w/ the totals not adding up correctly, and everything looked to be working just fine until this problem had popped up, and I couldn't figure out where the hell it was at :D Thanks to that little tidbit above, I found where the problem was and commented it out, so we'll see if that fixes it :)
  4. Velveeta

    Paypal Express Bug

    Does this mean that we can simply put in a hack to have it send the billing address in place of the shipping address when it transmits to paypal, and that should get around the problem?
  5. Velveeta

    PhpBB2 2.0.15 Contribution Support

    ok, fixed this on my own... for posterity i'll post it here :D it was indeed retaining the session info but losing the global links to the session data... the reason was because of the message_die() function in the phpBB... php will pass global variables along to other files as long as the files are included or required into the main file... it won't pass them with function calls unless you specifically pass them as a parameter... this code path was routing through a call a message_die(), which in turn proceeded to include its page_tail.php file, which included column_right.php and finished off the page... the fact that it made a function call to message_die, which then ended up closing out the page, is why it lost its global variables, they weren't passed along w/ the function call... my solution was to just find a large grouping of global variables so i wouldn't end up missing any (if you remember, this problem followed the shopping_cart box down to the whats_new box) from the order class in includes/classes/orders.php, which had globals for things like $cart, $currency, etc... and i pasted that line into column_right... that way everything is re-globalized when it hits the column_right include, and if it's already global (not having gone through the forums, say for standard store browsing), it shouldn't hurt anything :D
  6. Velveeta

    PhpBB2 2.0.15 Contribution Support

    Hi everyone, I just installed this in my store yesterday, and have nearly gotten all the bugs worked out of the installation that I could find, and gotten it fully integrated into the store display... I thought I had them all, and so went to post the first announcement in the forum, and when I posted it, I got this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/allthing/public_html/includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php on line 23 Now, my shopping_cart box is in column_right, so it comes after the phpbb insert, and appears to be going screwy after that point for some reason... during the browsing of forums and the adding of a new post, i don't get any errors like that, but once i click to post it, i'm getting that error... i tried adding a check to includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php to see if $cart was defined and was an object, and if not, to recreate it the same way that application_top does, but all that did was initialize a new cart w/ 0 items (i had 1 item in the cart for a test), and move on to the new box, which is the whats_new box, where it has the same error, call to a member function on a non-object... Now, i saw a reference to this same error in a post from like June 2004 or something in another thread, and I tried the proposed solution, which was to remove the tep_redirect from the file that was being called when the error occurred (although the tep_redirect in posting.php is only called when authorization failed, so i really didn't want to do that), and it still didn't work, and so now I'm at a loss... I've tried adding some debug info to the output, echo'ing the contents of $_SESSION to the screen... what I see is a correct-looking session array, with a cart variable defined in it, and a product_id listed under it with a quantity of 1... I echoed this at the top of includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php, so as of the beginning of that file, the $_SESSION data was still intact, but for some reason it still said $cart was a non-object, so the only thing I can think of is that cart is defined, but the global variable that references it has been lost somewhere along the line... i could probably patch that, but then, like i said, the problem moves on to the next box, and i really don't want to do a patch job... Does anyone know what's going on and possibly have a fix for this? This is the phpBB contrib for version 2.0.12 by the way, as the 2.0.15 link was broken when i went to grab it yesterday... Thanks in advance :)
  7. Velveeta

    Extra Images Contribution Advancement

    if you'd like, i can post my rewritten products_extra_images.php and the language file for it, it's got a working file upload feature, uses the product's name (instead of model) in the left-most dropdown, and also displays the image once it's uploaded... if you don't have a thumbnailer installed, though, that can get a bit bandwidthy when assigning lots of images :D Richard.
  8. Velveeta

    Extra Images Contribution Advancement

    ah yes, there was one other thing i forgot to mention... you do need the "new upload" portion in the code... what happens is that the multipart form w/ the file field will automatically upload the file when the page is submitted, but the new upload constructor calls another function that checks the global FILES array, which is where the thing is stored temporarily, and it returns the data that's in that array for the content of the file... at that point you'll also want to make sure you save the file to your images directory... you should be able to get the info you need for these functions by looking at categories.php in your admin directory, and finding the parts where it uploads the initial product image :) Good luck! Richard Lindsey.
  9. Velveeta

    Extra Images Contribution Advancement

    if you're still having a problem with this, i had the same problem when rewriting this contribution for another store i was working on... the problem lies not in the upload class, but in the form declaration... when you make your tep_draw_form statement that includes your upload button, make *sure* you do this: Change: <?php echo tep_draw_form('extra_images_' . $extra_images['update_extra_images_id'], FILENAME_PRODUCTS_EXTRA_IMAGES, 'action=update_extra_images'); ?> To: <?php echo tep_draw_form('extra_images_' . $extra_images['update_extra_images_id'], FILENAME_PRODUCTS_EXTRA_IMAGES, 'action=update_extra_images', 'post', 'enctype="multipart/form-data"'); ?> Notice you have to add the 'enctype="multipart/form-data"' to the form declaration... took me forever to hunt that damned bug down, hope it helps :) Richard Lindsey p.s. Long live Chemo!!
  10. Velveeta

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hiya lane, I just posted a little mod this contrib, so I hope it gets rolled into the next version... it just checks for existing sessions before outputting the list of abandoned carts to the admin at the console... this way, they only see carts from expired sessions, instead of possibly seeing carts from people that just happen to still be shopping and not have checked out yet... Really simple, just query for session data and extract the customer_id with a regex, throw it into an array, and implode it in the query to make sure the customer_id isn't in that list of values when outputting the list to the admin... I wrote it on a previous version of this contrib, but grabbed 1.60 before uploading it, to make sure the instructions were compatible with this latest version...
  11. Velveeta

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    you may want to double-check that you have curl support compiled into php... create a little page called phpinfo.php or something, and put this in it: <?php phpinfo(); ?> then access the page and you'll get a ton of info about your php compile... you're looking for a section at the top that tells what options it's compiled with, and you're looking for this within those options "--with-curl" i believe... then further down the page (just search for curl) you'll find a section dedicated to the curl settings... you should also check to see if over in the right section of that part, you can see OpenSSL as part of the package...
  12. Velveeta

    SEO Assistant

    Jack, don't worry about a lack of time, that's what we're here for, so I decided to fix the links for you :D There's now a new version (1.3.2) on the contribution page for this that will replace 3 files, seo_assistant.php in the root admin directory, and the 2 (google/yahoo) php files in the modules directory... these use a different regex for nabbing the url of the target site a little faster, along w/ the http or https prefix, and then save that prefix and crunch the html code down to 1 statement within seo_assistant for displaying the link as http or https, and without the links being within the admin directory tree... If you're already at the latest version, simply grab these 3 files and overwrite your 3 :)
  13. Velveeta

    SEO Assistant

    i believe you can force it over to the danish google by going into *catalog*/*admin*/includes/modules/seo_google_position.php, should be line 38 if you haven't edited it at all and are on the most recent version, and change the domain name in $filename to reflect the new google address... i'm not sure which extension is danish, but you would just change www.google.com to www.google.de or www.google.es or whatever, and it should work the same... it would be nice for a future release to see maybe a set of radio buttons in the interface that would allow you to toggle between some of the different googles or something :D
  14. Velveeta

    SEO Assistant

    Nice contribution Jack, just a couple of questions regarding it :) I actually just found this thing the day before yesterday and downloaded it, installed it today, and then noticed you'd uploaded a new one today, so i replaced my newly installed one w/ the newest version :D my questions are this: 1) It seems you left out the definition statements for the subheadings in seo_assistant.php, for the values of TEXT_CHECK_LINK, TEXT_LINKPOP, etc... what should these say? Or did I just miss them when I was installing? I checked the english directory to see if it was defined in that seo_assistant, but it wasn't... 2) I noticed you did some work w/ MSN not reporting the link popularity correctly... is there a chance in the future of MSN search getting its own dedicated file and sql tables? I'm guessing with M$'s available funds and market dominance, that their search engine becoming one of the top 3 is not a question of if, but when, so do you plan on giving them the attention that google and yahoo get in this package? Just curious, i could probably write something myself just based on your code for google/yahoo, but since you wrote it originally and are more familiar, you could probably knock it out faster and better than I :D That's it really, thanks for the contrib :)
  15. Does anybody know how I might be able to fix this? Thanks in advance, .:jewelrytrends:. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Even though you show line 396 as being the line below the actual 'case' statement, that error makes me think that the case statement itself is the problem... check to see if you don't have it after the closing brace for the switch statement it's inside of, like this: switch( whatever ) { case 'blah': break; case 'blahblah': break; case 'blahblahblah': break; } case 'notify': // statements break; perhaps when you were pasting in the code you pasted it outside the switch's closing brace... if that doesn't seem to be the case, maybe try posting us a few lines above and below the line in question :)