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  1. mke

    Problems with PayPal since change ?

    Although paypal hasn't yet responded to my "shouting", it seems they have just added an automatic redirect from 'secure' to 'www' so that should minimise the damage for people affected by this. I actually downloaded a new osc install 2 days ago, so it still hasn't been updated (looks like it hasn't been updated at all for quite some time now). by the way, the reason for my reinstall was that I was hit by a variant of the Santy worm, which 'defaces' websites (i.e changes all the files on your server to a nonsense 'you have been defaced' page. Although the worm primarily seeks out servers running phpBB (which was also installed on my machine), the actualy problem (as far as I understand it) are security issues in PHP. It's very well posible that OsCommerce sites are also at risk. So, update your PHP version asap if you want to prevent a nightmare. :rolleyes:
  2. mke

    Problems with PayPal since change ?

    That totally did the trick, it seems to work perfectly again. Thanks a lot for the info. I am actually quite surprised this isn't a high profile topic, are we the only 2 people left not using PayPal IPN ? :D I've actually never got the point of using IPN. Seems much more complicated to implement and the regular paypal module also returns with a confirmation of payment so ..... I must be missing something. Also, it's a bit sloppy of PayPal (to say the least) to make changes like this without clear error messages. (The 'we are conducting routine maintenance, come back at 6:00 PST' is simply not correct statement) I'm going to go shout at paypal now >_< Thanks again.
  3. Hi, I am using the standard paypal module which has always worked fine. I am now getting complaints from customers that paypal is diplaying a message saying that they are conducting maintenance and that the site should work after a few hours, but according to my customers, this message has been up for at least 4 days. I am just wondering idf anyone else has been experiencing this problem with paypal ? Perhaps it has something to do with thier recent feature changes ? Thanks, Michael www.opensoft.nl