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  1. I fixed the second issue I was having, but still having the first issue, where the "Click to enlarge" image link doesn't work. Please point me in the right direction. I must be missing something.
  2. And now it doesn't show the smaller image with the "Click to Enlarge" option below it at all. What did I do? This happened when I commented out the Review button at the bottom of product_info.php
  3. :'( I've read this whole thread and haven't found an answer to my problem. Maybe I read right past it though, since I have no idea what half of you are talking about! Color me dumb. MY issue is that after installing STS (which I am absolutely thankful for), at my website (trial run found here- Cupcake. )- I can't bring up the large version of the product images. When I added a few fake items to my catalog to see how the layout looks, if I click on the "click to enlarge" link in the product table it loads another window but it just has the heading info for the shop. Please, please help. The only other issue I have (probably not STS related) is that when you go to the site www.cupcakeshop.com, I'm going to have a "shop" link off of that to take the visitor to bakery.cupcakeshop.com. The links in the STS/oscommerce shopping system seem to add "www" to that, so that after clicking on something, the address becomes www.bakery.cupcakeshop.com. Not a huge deal, but kind of not what I want. Is there a quick fix for this?