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  1. JLGarcia

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi all: I have a problem, and I`m dealing with it for 3 days without solution. The problem is that when I try to import the IIF file from Sales to quickbook it popup an error menssage saying quickbooks do not support blanks entries and that kind of things, all the other IIF files are working great, payments, custumers and items, just Sales does`nt work. Can some body give me a hand with it, or some idea? Thanks
  2. JLGarcia

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hello: The problem is that QBI doesn`t read or reconoice the IIF files in the import folder. I has change the modes of this folder to 777, and some another things recomended in this forum but nothing happend. If some one of you know a forum were I can find the solution will be great or if some body can give a hand I`ll appreciate it a lot. Thanks adam5532
  3. JLGarcia

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi all: Thanks for your recomendation adam5532, now this problem were fixed, I just turn the field qbi_config_active to 1 and it is working finaly :), now the other problem that I have is the IIF files, they are inside the qbi_import file but the code don`t reconice then, I read a lot of post in this forum with the same problem and I apply some of this recomendations but doesn`t work. If some body with the same problem in the pass have the solution I`ll appreciate any recomendation about it. Thanks
  4. JLGarcia

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hello all: I`m trying the 2.02 QBI version, I dont know what happend, the file can`t install the database, it seams as it can`t find the database in the server, then I try again but this time uploading the database my self, once the database was up and back to the catalog administration it is giving me another error, now the file show me the configure place and I make click in te bottom update and the script get me back to the configure plase, don`t worry where the click in maked the script get me back to the configure place always.. Can somebody give me a hand with it?, I`m realy needing QBI in my site. Thanks