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  1. Firstly, I joined this forum on February 17, 2005. Although I don't usually post, I can honestly say that I have always found George-Multimixer at MTS, to be POLITE. He has always been attentive to my emails and sure loves to OVER-DELIVER! His service really is unbelievable and second to none, which is why I have since bought another package from him. Secondly, I started using Multimixer and his modern Mini Template System in June 2012 on two of my websites. Over the 7 years, I have always found MTS to be totally compatible with OSC and 100% reliable. And it certainly updated the old fashioned look of the OSCommerce blue and grey format which I had used before. Plus with the modern look of MTS it integrated perfectly with OSC. Which meant that orders went up straight away, a big plus for me! Thirdly, since 2005, I have only been charged once for updating a few things on MTS which I had personally ordered and requested. Which George gave me the price beforehand and as usual, the Mini Template System job was done with SPEED, EFFICIENCY and total HONESTY. For example, someone recently got into one of my OSC stores and somehow changed my password. I desperately tried to get in all day but without any joy! (This has happened to me before with Netscape, but thank God Netscape have now disappeared? As their service was NON-EXISTANT and no replies to emails, at that time I lost my business email of 5 years! So you can imagine how it was...) However, after no joy getting back into my store, I finally gave up at 3.30 am. But just before going to bed I had an idea and remembered good old George = Multimixer. So I quickly shot Multimixer an email and went to bed. Unable to sleep, I awoke at 9 am and decided to try to get in again. Still, in my pyjamas, I opened my Gmail... What a relief... Multimixer HAD ALREADY RESOLVED THE ISSUE!!! And gave me my new password. When I thanked him and asked for the bill, he just wrote back and said "You owe me nothing! Have a nice weekend." So don't try to tell me that you don't get good service from George and MTS! Les
  2. how to find password

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      keep on guessing and Trying.

  3. how to find password