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  2. danigirl168

    Worldpay update?!

    Thanks for that David. As usual it's all Microsoft's fault!!! I just found this on the WorldPay site
  3. danigirl168

    Worldpay update?!

    This is on the WorldPay site: As I recall the OsC WP Junior module uses callback, but you'll only be affected if your setup "validates and accepts incoming communications from specified peer hostnames only". I think that's a big sigh of relief for most of us! Hope that helps. Dani
  4. I had the same issue with v5.2 (that is after I sorted out all the other bugs in it like bad syntax). You basically click on the confirm order button and get taken straight to checkout_success.php without ever having reached a payment gateway. As a sanity check I reinstalled the WorldPay and Paypal gateways and it didn't fix the issue. I run these gateways on other sites which are live and transacting perfectly, they just don't have CCGV on so logical deduction puts the blame on this addon. I've read a lot of posts now on CCGV and I'm fairly certain that VGer was right when she said don't let the contributions get messy, keep them centrally donated via the forum and let one person (ie her) post updated packages when it becomes apparent that they are a solid improvement. CCGV 5.20 contains several bugs, many of which were due just to poor coding like using a ' when it should have been a " sign used. This could have been avoided by everyone pooling their updates via the forums so that only the working code gets through onto the packages. I'm now going to unistall CCGV5.20 and replace it with Vger's last CCGV(Trad) package. Fingers crossed... will let you know if it works