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  1. Hello, I'm trying the last Chemo XML sitemap version, Google XML Sitemap - Admin 2.0, And have a question. In my products dot XML file, links are on php format. Is it possible to have this links en HTML format, like this : www.mywebsite/manufacturer-ref54er54er.html. Is it possible to do this please ? regards, plex :)
  2. Can some one show me some XML sitemap files. Some one tells me that the format was wrong and I few week ago, I have many links in google, today just 3 or 4 :(. I d like to see an other sitemap please. regards. plex
  3. Hello, I installed this contrib! I have well the menu of admin of google site map! When I wish to create "STEP 1: Click [ HERE ] to create/update your site map." , it posts me in a fenetre popup: CODEWarning: main(includes/languages/french/FILENAME_GOOGLE_SITEMAPS): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /data/members/paid/m/i/monsite.fr/htdocs/www/sitemaps.index.php on line 33 Warning: main(includes/languages/french/FILENAME_GOOGLE_SITEMAPS): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /data/members/paid/m/i/monsite.fr/htdocs/www/sitemaps.index.php on line 33 Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'includes/languages/french/FILENAME_GOOGLE_SITEMAPS' (include_path='.:/data/apache/php/mmp_lib:/data/session') in /data/members/paid/m/i/monsite.fr/htdocs/www/sitemaps.index.php on line 33 have a idea of problem? thank you for your assistance
  4. plex

    SEO Assistant

    have find the solution here, but have an othe probl?m now :( when trying to do a linkpopularity, it says : can some one help me please ? regards, PlX
  5. plex

    SEO Assistant

    hello, Have install last version of the SEO assistant. SEO_Assistant V_1.3.3 full package I am on CRELOADED 6 when trying to acces to SEO assistant in the admin module, It says in french : understand Can some one helps me please ? Thanks in advance. regards. plEx
  6. hello all I have Fix It ! In sitemap.class.php search for : function GoogleSitemap($host, $user, $db, $pass){ $this->DB = new MySQL_Database($host, $user, $db, $pass); $this->filename = "sitemap"; $this->savepath = DIR_FS_CATALOG; and replace : $this->savepath = DIR_FS_CATALOG; By $this->savepath = "../"; and .... ->>
  7. hello every body, I have read all the topic but do not find answer to my problem. I am on creloaed 6 and try to use this fantastic contribution, gretz to Chemo :-p After lauching the index.php in my brower like this : http://www.Ohhh Ohhhh Ohhh :-p.com/googlesitemap/index.php I Have this error .. So, I try to find where is my error by reading this topic, but do not find :( So, I have read all the installation file Put all permission on the 3 .Xml files (777), by FTP or SSL connection My web site is in : /www/ Folder googlesitemap is in : /www/googlesitemap/ So, all my files exists... If I lauch sitemapindex.xml or the other files It says : So, can some one help me please ? regards. Have a nice Day. plEx :-" ps : french and not realy tidly with english :-p
  8. Hello, I'm using the MS2FR version of OSC, and I see that when I add a new product in the catalog, that the image witch is uploaded, is uploaded in the IMAGES\ directory. example : add new product man123 with image in IMAGES\man\2\levis.jpg the image is uploaded in the IMAGES\ directory :huh: .... So, there will be too many pictures in this directory and there is not sub directory to organize your IMAGES directory But, in this directory I have different sub directory like : Why does it copy my images in the IMAGES directory ?? I have find a contribution to resolve this problem but it is only for creload :( can some one help me here ? in advance, THANX ! plex --- MS2FR easysphp plex, form France ;)