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  1. I am also curious about this contribution. I've experimented with QTPro 2.0 for some time now, but have yet not managed to make good use of it. Is someone developing new features to this addition or is there some other ongoing effort to enable separate quantities for separate product attributes, hereby referred to as "attribute quantities"? (An earlier post from Joe mentioned handing over to Linda McGrath...) It appears to me that the "attribute quantities" are not automatically updated when a product is sold. Have I misunderstood anything here or isn't that a showstopper for an addition such as this one? What is the use of separate "attribute quantities" if they don't get updated? I may be able to contribute, but I need to know the status first. Thank you for your feedback, Claes BTW: Danno, if you are still looking for the QTPro download, send me an email.