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  1. francismcphail

    Bendigo Bank Australia

    Hi Cameron.. No, no luck as of yet.... I have the Dialect payment lcient running on our host server, and I can connect to it on port 9050.. Just now still looking for a payment lcient to work with it. I've been speaking with the Bendigo Bank and they don't seem interested in offering any asssitance at all. But Mastercard have been helpfull. The ANZ Egate payment system is pretty much the same thing but for the life of me I can't get it to run properly with the payment client I've got running, I keep recevied the following error message when attempting to checkout. "There was an error connecting to the payment lcient, please select another payment method." I'm a little shocked though that this type of payment methodology isn't the same for all bank transactions, it would surely simplify things. My problem is I'm not a PHP guru... We at that point in time where we may have to start and looking for a new merchating provider.
  2. francismcphail

    Bendigo Bank Australia

    Hi there.. I'm pretty new to all of this so please excuse me if I've missed something. I've had a good search around and look through the contribs but am still a little lost. I'm in the process of helping a friend get a website up and going using the MIGS payment gateway (Mastercard) through the Bendigo bank. Just wondering if anyone else has done this and if so how? I know the data I need to push to the bank (Have sample PHP scripts to test with.) and I can successfully do this, but I am not sure about how to implement into osCommerce. Cheers, Francis.