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  1. Tmann


    I have setup my hacker monitor cron job and receiving emails correctly. Problem is the excluded list of files I manually added via the hacker admin panel are not being utilized for the hacker cron job. Does that make sense? Thanks
  2. Tmann

    Option Type Feature problem

    Thanks a lot. I noticed that too -Tman
  3. Hi All, My oscommerce store doesn?t have that many products but each product has a whole bunch of options. Having all these options is amazingly hard to keep track off especially that certain options disable/enable other options on the page. What I would love to have is to simply make an html document with all of my options/javascript and then integrate/pass the product options/variables to oscommerce Is this possible? Any help is greatly appreciated. -Tman
  4. Tmann

    Customers extra fields

    Hi All, Very nice contribution Kit! Thanks a lot. I installed the extra fields contribution over an Admin contribution. when in the admin screen and i click on the extra fields manager link I get this error "Access Denied No Right Permission Access Please contact your Web Administrator to request more access or if you found any problem. " even though i have all the rights. I am not sure how to bypass this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance -Tman