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  1. You could have just said that from the begging? This is a support forum and I was asking for help?? I don't get the problem your having? If you don't want me to post thats fine. If I get it changed I will post another contribution then. Thats ok with me to. Just trying to help and make suggestions its weird how your getting defensive about it.
  2. It was a suggestion, and if you don't like it oh well. Not asking you to code my site. Its your contribution it was a simple request. I said thats fine and it is. I will get someone else to change it. No worries. This is a support forum correct? You will be getting questions like this. Anyway I may post the fix after its been done or I may not we will have to wait and see.
  3. Well thanks anyway, I think it would be a two second job to fix for someone like you who knows how. But if you don't have the time. I will just remove it until I can get one of my freelance guys to do it. Thanks anyway, Jamie
  4. So you would edit lets say this line correct? <meta\s*name\s*=\s*"\s*description\s*"\s*content\s*=\s*"\s*@i' If so I have already done this and nothing seems to change?
  5. Ok but thats not the question, can I move them? If so I would like to as I have short titles and would rather them be at the end. In the keyword part they can stay where they are. I would just like to move them for the title. I have messed around with the code a little but nothing I do seems to change their order.
  6. Can I change it so that the sort_a and page_ are at the end? By end I mean after the title.
  7. Any suggestions on the above?
  8. Hi, Yes they are getting crawled but I think they are getting hit with duplicate content, thus the not ranking very well. I have XML sitemaps installed. Thanks, Jamie
  9. Oh I also noticed that I am getting this now: sort_2a | page_2 | Page Title The page titles are correct but I assume the sort and the page part is not. How do I fix this and can it be placed after the page title. Thanks Jamie
  10. Great contribution. Something I did not even think of. My site has some great rankings for some major keywords for the main pages but noticed not much from some of the deeper pages. This should help rank them better as well. All the cat 1 pages have PR but non of the cat page 2s! So this should help huge. Good job!
  11. john2323


    Hi, I have an older version of the Affiliate contribution installed and am not sure if it is supposed to do this or if one of the new updates have this feature, please read below. When a affiliate uses a link sush as yoursite.com/tenis-ball.html?ref=3 Is it possible to let that link come in and have it 301 redirected so that it just goes to yoursite.com/tenis-ball.html and does not show the affiliate code? I want the affiliate to still get credit of course but I am running into duplicate content issues with the search engines over this and want to stop it. Any help would be great, Jamie
  12. Oh just fixed the problem. For some reason it had two of the tables active? One was turned to false and one was turned to true. So I deleted the false table and bam good as gold. Do you know why this would happen in the data base? I have had this before now that I remember and it seems to happen from time to time. Thanks again for your help! Great contribution! Jamie
  13. Hi, Thanks for the reply, I get FWR_VALIDATION_ON is not defined! I gather its not turned on. It says it is in the admin. But I noticed when I turn the SEO URLs off it doesn't work either so there must be some sort of error preventing the on off features in the admin? Thanks, Jamie
  14. Hmm Well cant figure out why it was not working I reset the cache and made sure the seo.class.php file is the correct version as well as the rest of the SEO install and still nothing. Any suggestions? I am running the 2.1d as recommended. Thanks, Jamie
  15. Great thanks, that worked! Only thing now is when I activate it nothing changes. I can still get to pages that are entered wrong. No big deal as its probably something I have done, so I will mess around a bit and go over the huge install file! haha Thanks for the help! Jamie